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Spot quotation and dynamic analysis of phenol Market in Asia on October 9 - phenol

market quotation on October 9: CFR main port of China US dollars/ton, compared with the weekly price level with the extensive use of carbon fiber composites on aircraft, it fell by US $20; The low price indicates the buyer's intended price for distant and near foreign goods, and the signing position of high-tech new materials and hydrogen energy comprehensive utilization project represents the intended price of distant and near foreign goods sellers

in October, the phenol negotiation between Taiwan and South Korea was basically completed, and there was no specific transaction news of Sino ocean phenol. In October, the phenol transaction level of Formosa chemical was 1600 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port), and the quantity remained 5000 tons, the same as that in September. Mitsui chemical announced that the contract price of phenol in Asia in October 2007 was $1660/ton (CFR China's main port includes anti-dumping tax rates), which was the same as that in September

there is still no quotation or transaction news of October shipping date for phenol in Europe. It is reported that in the early stage, some European phenols sold to the Indian market intended to be resold to the Chinese market, but so far there has been no actual transaction news. The quotation of phenol from the United States is about 1500 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port), and the domestic buyer makes a counter-offer of 1480 US dollars/ton. There is no news of the transaction

device: it is understood that due to Jinhu chemical No. 2 16. The 60000 ton/year phenol ketone plant has been shut down since late September due to failure reasons, and it is expected to restart around the 27th of this month; The rest of units 1 and 3 will be shut down as planned from the 12th. Due to the early shutdown of some units, the manufacturer expected that the original planned supply in the Chinese market and the shipment time might be delayed

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