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Spot quotation and dynamic analysis of olefin market in Asia on October 30 - propylene

market quotation on October 30: CFR Northeast Asia dollar/ton, down $10 from last week's price; CFR Southeast Asia dollar/ton, down $10 from last week's price; FOB Northeast Asia USD/ton, basically flat compared with last week

Northeast Asia: due to the stagnation of some ships in Chinese ports and the lack of available ships, Japanese traders are mostly looking for short-term navigation, trying to offer South Korea an integrated solution with CF products at the R price, but the quotation of USD/ton CFR South Korea did not attract buyers' interest, because the buyers have high inventory and are unable to accept more ships. China's market demand was weak in November, and most transactions were concluded at the US dollar/ton CFR China price, with a credit period of 90 days

The relevant adjustment can meet the requirements of ASTM, ez3, iso148 and other national and international standards at the same time; Due to the principle of one-time Broaching processing and forming

Southeast Asia: there are few market offers/quotations, and buyers and sellers mostly wait and see the price trend in the second half of November. The demand has not improved, the supply is relatively sufficient, and the quotation is low. At that time, Xinguang of Jinan experimental machine factory shared with you the two steps of structural optimization of spring experimental machine, which is $50/ton CFR Southeast Asia, and the purchase intention is stable at $50/ton CFR. In Southeast Asia, there are three uncertain factors that may affect the local market. First, titan11. The 50000 ton/year unit will be opened at the end of the year. It is said that the manufacturers are negotiating to sell nearly half of their products locally, and the local propylene supply will increase. Secondly, the propylene produced by Jubail chevron Philips' new unit also exerts a certain downward pressure on the market. The propylene capacity of this unit is 10000 tons/year, and about 10000 tons of propylene are shipped to Asia every month. Finally, an Iranian PP manufacturer seeking propylene in Asia may alleviate the oversupply situation in the Southeast Asian market. The manufacturer hopes to expand the upstream production capacity, and will import at least 20000 tons of propylene tested by Jinan testing machine every year, and then increase it to 40000 tons

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