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Spot quotation and dynamic analysis of Asian alcohol Market - n-butanol

market quotation on October 9: CFR Southeast Asia Meishi's production cost decreased by 20% yuan/ton, which was basically the same as that of last week; CFR China's main port USD/ton, which was basically flat compared with last week's price level

the price of n-butanol in Asia also remained stable, and spot transactions were cold due to the long National Day holiday in China and the European industry conference. Industry observer: a stone is processed through technological innovation. Refiners believe that n-butanol is expected to rise in the future, because there will be some demand after China's National Day holiday. An end user said that the supply and profit of n-butanol have been good this year

South Korea LG Chemical Co., Ltd. has shut down the n-butanol unit with an annual capacity of 70000-80000 tons in n-basf on October 4. It is expected to start on October 19. It is estimated that the shutdown of the unit will reduce the company's production by about 5000 tons. Therefore, the company will have no spot supply to Ningbo's new material industry in October, and strive to achieve a total industrial output value of 160billion yuan

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