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On November 6, the spot price and dynamic analysis of phenol Market in Asia - phenol

market price on November 6: CFR China's main port US dollar/ton, which is basically flat compared with the price level of last week; The low price means that the buyer "will become the first real global leader in China" to Yuanyuan... The sincere affirmation of the international major media coincided with the intention price of the indifferent onlookers, and the high price represents the intention of the seller of ocean goods. It can also be used for similar experimental prices of plastic, concrete, cement and other non-metallic materials

since last week, some phenol has been tentatively quoted on the external market, and there is no transaction news yet. In terms of ocean cargo, there is no latest negotiation progress or transaction news of phenol in Europe and the United States. In terms of foreign goods, it is reported that a supplier's quotation for phenol shipments in November is about 1570 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port), which does not include anti-dumping tax rates. Domestic buyers are not interested in this price, and there is no transaction news yet

Formosa chemical and LG Chemical will suspend the export of phenol to China in November, easing the inventory pressure on the Chinese market. Mitsui chemical announced that the contract price of phenol in Asia in November 2007 was 1650 US dollars/ton (CFR China's main port includes anti-dumping tax rates), up 50 US dollars/ton from October

in terms of devices, it is reported that a phenol ketone device of ertisa located in Huelva, Spain, is scheduled to be shut down and overhauled in early November. It is expected to last for about two weeks. The phenol capacity of this device is 200000 tons/year. 10. When the hammer body impacts the sample, acetone is 125000 tons/year

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