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Gurek water-based coating spraying technology gurek water-based coating spraying technology December 09, 2019 gurek company with its industrial surface coating solutions appeared at the China International surface treatment exhibition, showing gurek's role in intelligent industrial coating and water-based coating equipment, and solving the problem that printing support is difficult to remove; At the same time, innovative technology products will help upgrade China's manufacturing industry with intelligent and green coating technology

as a global technology leader in the field of industrial coating, gurek has formulated high industry standards and developed various advanced spraying equipment that can not only meet the needs of environmental protection and intelligent spraying, but also well match the existing production lines of customers. Compared with traditional spraying, which requires manual mixing and spraying, gurek's focus on automation is mainly due to the fact that flexible packaging does not mean that consumers in all countries will accept the full set of process coatings with chemical spraying technology, including automatic feeding, precise proportioning and robot arm spraying. Compared with the traditional two-component coating proportioning application, pd2k's unique accurate and stable proportioning control method can save users up to 80% of the amount of solvent and coating. Its standard constant pressure and constant current spraying mode can lay a good foundation for the film thickness of paint at one time

on the intelligent paint transfer and mixing system, gurek's intelligent paint transfer and mixing system (ipk) on display this time optimizes the mutual communication of the performance of the circulating system by connecting intelligent sensors and control equipment, and realizes simple remote monitoring and control of key circulating system parameters

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