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Spot quotation and dynamic analysis of Asian fiber Market - vinyl acetate

market quotation on November 6: CFR Northeast Asia dollar/ton, down $10 from last week's price; CFR Southeast Asia dollar/ton, basically flat compared with last week

in case of damage, the intentional valuation of Northeast Asia vinyl acetate spot fell by $10 to $per ton (CFR), as the Chinese market weakened due to the news that global production returned to normal. However, Japanese shippers said that there was still a shortage of spot shipments in November and December, mainly for the domestic market and contract customers

the intended price of Taiwan's cargo sales fell US $to US $per ton (CFR Northeast Asia), and the intended price from Chinese buyers was also at a similar level, based on the current domestic market price

in the Chinese market, its domestic manufacturers have reduced prices in the industrial preparation of single-layer graphene and the research and industrial production of graphene composite functional fiber materials, because the purchasing power from downstream adhesives has weakened

affected by the unexpected maintenance of a large number of devices in the United States and Europe and the announcement of force majeure, the price of vinyl acetate in China has increased by% since the end of May, reaching yuan/ton (ex factory price). Local sellers expect the price to fall, and the transaction price in November will be yuan/ton (ex factory price). Due to the weak market, the expected production reduction in December caused by the shortage of upstream natural gas supply may not have a great impact on the market

Southeast Asia market valuation remained stable at USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). Since the middle of May, vinyl acetate rubber and plastic materials and other innovative materials have taken advantage of the rapid development momentum in the industry, and the price has increased by 45% in total

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