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On September 17, 2020, as the supporting unit of the conference, shell attended the 13th China (Jiangsu) International Wind Power Industry Development Summit in 2020 to discuss its comprehensive wind power lubrication solutions with on-site guests. At the event site, the selection results of "top 50-top 10 excellent products in China's wind power industry in 2020" were also announced at the same time. With excellent product performance, shell can withstand pressure S5 wind synthetic fan gear oil stands out and won this honor

shell attended the 13th China (Jiangsu) International Wind Power Industry Development Summit Forum in 2020

2020 is the first year of wind power parity. According to the "list of projects on wind power parity in 2020" released by the national development and Reform Commission and the comprehensive Department of the national energy administration, the installed capacity of projects on wind power parity in 2020 has reached 11.3967 million KW 1. The huge installed capacity proves once again that renewable energy represented by wind power has become an irreversible trend. At the same time, China's wind power market has also shifted from emphasizing low-cost at the initial stage to focusing on the whole life cycle

as the leading brand in global lubricant sales for 13 consecutive years, 2 shell has been rooted in China's wind power market for decades, and is committed to continuously meeting the needs of industry customers through innovation and cooperation, with a comprehensive wind power lubrication product system and intelligent lubrication management services, helping them reduce unexpected fan failures, better improve operation efficiency, and reduce total cost of ownership

among them, the pressure resistant S5 wind fully synthetic fan gear oil with a ten-year warranty commitment ensures the accuracy of the host in terms of oxidation resistance and thermolysis resistance, wear and corrosion resistance, low temperature performance, filtration and foaming control ability, ease of use, etc., has received industry recognition, and has higher operation efficiency, better component protection, longer oil change cycle and equipment service life. This will help the wind farm owner reduce the total cost of ownership, ensure that the fan can provide excellent lubrication performance even under extreme conditions, and create a good working environment for the long-term, efficient and trouble free operation of the fan

shell Omala S5 wind 320 fan gear oil won the

24. Metal tensile testing machine is among the top 020 top 10 excellent products in China's top 50 wind power industry before holding the test piece

in addition to high-quality lubrication products, supporting service solutions are also the key to reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the wind power industry. In line with the important trend of digital development in the industry, shell has not only built the first lubrication management platform in the industry - shell Zhihui, but also iteratively upgraded the platform in combination with practical applications and customer feedback. This year, shell Zhihui fully launched IOT technology. This enables industry customers not only to enjoy the original one-stop oil detection, replacement, flushing and other services, but also 5. When doing experimental projects, they can also realize the digitization of monitoring and fault diagnosis through high-precision oil sensors and background big data analysis functions, carry out predictive maintenance more accurately, and help customers establish an intelligent fan maintenance service system

at present, more than 40000 wind turbines in China use shell high-performance gear oil to generate electricity every day, which can produce 800million degrees of clean electricity every year. 3. As the main force of lubrication in China's wind power industry, shell will continue to carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation with industry partners driven by products and technology and driven by digital innovation. The "shell" wind power operation and maintenance will improve quality and efficiency, and help China's green energy development

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shell intelligence, opening a new era of intelligent operation and maintenance of wind power. Don't hesitate, scan the QR code below immediately, add "Shell industrial lubricant" official account or "detailed introduction to shell Zhihui applet high frequency fatigue testing machine" to apply for trial


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2 data source: the 17th edition of Kline company, an independent third-party global consulting and research company, the global lubricant industry: market analysis and evaluation: 2019 report

3 data source: shell internal data

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