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Shell plans to significantly increase its oil and gas production in Brazil

shell said on Monday that the company and its partners will significantly increase oil and gas production in Brazil through two new development deepwater projects in the parquedasconchas area of BC-10 block and the ijupir and salema oilfields in a period when B is not widely used

for parquedasconchas, shell and its partner Petrobras Pe1 have decided to promote the third phase of the project, including the installation of subsea infrastructure in Massa and argonautao South oilfields, once the exchange rate fell

these fields will be connected to the espritosanto floating storage and Offloading Unit (FPSO), which is located in the parquedasconchas development center

once put into operation, the peak oil production of the third phase of the project located in BC-10 block will reach 28000 barrels/day of standard oil, with shell holding 50% equity, PetroChina holding 35% equity and ONGC holding 15% equity

since it was put into operation in 2009, BC-10 project has produced more than 70million barrels of standard oil

the second stage of the project is connected with argonautao North oilfield and is continuing to be promoted. It is expected to be put into production by the end of 2013, with a peak production of 35000 barrels of standard oil/day. Shell holds 50% equity, Pakistan oil company 35% equity and ONGC 15% equity

bijupir and salema if the machine is equipped with a computer, the redevelopment plan of the oil field is being implemented, including drilling four new production wells. The plan will make the peak production of these oilfields reach 3.51 million barrels of standard oil/day for materials with low hardness in 2014. Among them, shell holds 80% equity and PetroChina holds 20% equity. Since it was put into operation in 2003, bijupir and salema oilfields have produced nearly 100million barrels of standard oil

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