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Shell Tianjin lubricant expansion project completed and put into operation

yesterday (5th) morning, shell (Tianjin) 1.5x lubricant expansion project completed and put into operation

shell is a leading oil company in the world. Its Tianjin plant mainly produces high-grade lubricants and asphalt for vehicles and industry. At the beginning of 2004, Tianjin plant achieved an annual output of 100000 tons. After the completion of the 1.2x project at the end of 2007, the production capacity reached 135000 tons by the end of 2009. The third capacity expansion project has been carried out since 2010. At present, the project construction and equipment commissioning have been completed and are gradually entering the formal production stage. It is expected that the production capacity will reach the end of this year. The "guidance" puts forward seven key tasks: 180000 tons, including 120000 tons of vehicle lubricating oil and 60000 tons of industrial lubricating oil

the project is operated by shell (Tianjin) Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and is a wholly-owned enterprise invested and built by Royal Dutch Shell Group in Tianjin. The company was founded in 1996, with a total investment of 58.7 million US dollars and a registered capital of 34.56 million US dollars. It is located in Tianjin Port Nanjiang Development Zone, Tanggu, Tianjin, China. In 2010, the total industrial output value was 1871.55 million yuan, and the tax paid was 104.48 million yuan

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