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Shell: set sail for the operation and maintenance of Donghai wind farm

as China's first large-scale offshore wind power demonstration project, the Donghai wind farm project has been concerned by all parties. The project began to be hoisted in 2009, and the installation and commissioning of all wind turbines were completed and concurrent the next year. Then when we used the equipment, we entered the warranty period, and the warranty was successfully issued in 2015. The long-term stable operation of its units has gathered the efforts of countless people

quality wins trust

speaking of the stable operation of the unit, lubricating oil undoubtedly plays an important role. Wind power equipment has very strict requirements for lubricating oil products, and the parameters and indicators of lubricating oil are relatively complex. It is a great challenge for the personnel responsible for unit maintenance to choose a lubricating oil product that can give consideration to production efficiency, equipment protection and balanced performance from a large number of products in the market

as an international leading brand that has ranked first in global lubricant sales for nine consecutive years, shell has leading products, professional technical team and rich service experience in the field of wind power lubrication, providing excellent lubricant products and related services for the units of Donghai wind farm. Judging from the project of Donghai wind farm, six years later, the unit is still running stably

3 180 degree repeated twists and turns experiments

Yu Xiaoming, head of Donghai wind farm, said that so far, there has been no unit shutdown failure caused by lubrication in the project. This is undoubtedly the greatest affirmation of shell lubricant products

technical support performance

compared with onshore wind power, the fan is vulnerable to salt spray corrosion at sea, the operation stability after power connection is vulnerable to interference, and the maintenance requirements are high. At the same time, problems such as typhoon weather impact unique to China's sea have also aggravated the difficulty of operation and maintenance. After a comprehensive study of the stringent lubrication needs of offshore wind power, shell, with its four shell lubricant technology centers located in Hamburg, Germany, Houston, the United States, Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China, has made full use of global resources and local wisdom to vigorously develop world-leading high-performance lubrication products in the field of wind power that are suitable for the domestic market environment at the same time

take the fully synthetic gear oil Omala S4 GX 320, which is currently promoted by shell, as an example. The performance of this product in the water separation test far exceeds the requirements of national standards and mainstream OEMs. The current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are products with low independent innovation ability, few demands for high-grade and personalized special varieties, which are significantly superior to the main competitors. The comparative analysis of copper strip corrosion test and rust proof test analysis show that shell pressure resistant Omala S4 GX 320 performs well in two key indicators of corrosion resistance and rust resistance

according to statistics, in the five years of the application of shell products in the Donghai wind farm project, the average utilization hours of units reached 2082.4 hours, and the cumulative power generation reached 1.3 billion kwh, saving a total of 731861 yuan in lubrication costs, maintenance costs and power generation losses

service creates value

as one of the earliest lubrication suppliers serving offshore wind power, shell lubricant engineers have accumulated rich service experience in long-term practice from the initial installation, operation and maintenance of wind turbines

from the initial installation, the technical engineers of Shell lubricants will help equipment manufacturers and wind farm managers select lubricants according to the characteristics of the unit and the product properties of lubricants. In addition to actively sharing the performance and use cases of lubricating oil products with machine manufacturers and wind farm personnel to help them select oil products, shell, as the lubricating oil supplier that first developed the oil monitoring and analysis system, will also help the owner conduct regular lubricating oil testing during oil use. "Shell conducts oil inspection and Analysis on our fans twice a year on average," Yu Xiaoming revealed in an interview

it is reported that these oil samples will be sent to the laboratory designated by shell for scientific analysis, and sent to the customers in the form of a report. Based on this, some reasonable suggestions will be provided to them to help the fan operate more healthily and normally. This method is the same as a doctor's blood test, through blood examination and analysis to understand the physical condition, so as to ensure that remedial measures are taken in time before serious problems occur

based on the rich experience and leading market share of wind power operation and maintenance services, shell has launched "wind power all-weather service package 2.0" in recent years. Through lubrication predictive maintenance and big data analysis, wind power authorization service center and customized service packages, it has helped many wind farm owners, including Donghai wind farm, improve the safety and reliability of wind turbine operation, optimize operation and maintenance costs, improve wind turbine power generation efficiency, and enhance the market competitiveness of wind farms

relying on high-quality lubricating oil products and professional and perfect fan operation and maintenance, Donghai wind farm has not experienced a unit shutdown fault caused by lubrication so far. This fully shows the reliability of shell's products and services, which will not only lay a solid foundation for the lubrication of subsequent offshore units in the wind farm, but also play a strong role in promoting the development of China's offshore wind power transportation and peacekeeping

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