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Shell detonated the industry event one after another, enabling enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency under "industry 4.0"

shell detonated the industry event one after another, enabling enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency under "industry 4.0"

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steam engine in the 19th century, electric power in the early 20th century, automation technology in the 1970s, and every revolutionary innovation in manufacturing technology has brought earth shaking changes to industrial production. Since the German government put forward the "industry 4.0" strategy at the Hannover Industrial Expo in 2013, the fourth industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing is triggering a new round of industrial restructuring. Manufacturing enterprises have adopted digital and automated technologies such as automation equipment, sensors, interconnected equipment and robots to embrace this change, but at the same time, many enterprises are still cautious about "industry 4.0". According to the latest industry survey data, although 94% of manufacturing enterprises currently use at least one "industry 4.0" technology, more than 60% of the respondents said that due to the lack of expertise, fear of technological changes and costs and many other obstacles, they believed that the new technology would increase the total cost of ownership (TCO), affecting potential opportunities for cost savings and efficiency gains. 1

Chen Bin, general manager of Shell industrial lubricant sales, said: "under the era of 'industry 4.0', manufacturing enterprises will face increasingly fierce market competition. In the future, cost reduction and efficiency increase will become the key to the success of enterprises. But reducing costs is not blindly reducing expenses. Scientific investment will not increase the burden, but will bring considerable benefits to enterprises." Data shows that "industry 4.0" technology can help enterprises extend the service life of equipment by more than 5%, reduce maintenance costs by more than 10%, and bring an average cost saving benefit of nearly 500000 US dollars. "In fact, with effective lubrication application and management, it can help enterprises improve equipment production efficiency, reduce downtime and maintenance time, reduce the total cost of ownership of equipment, and maximize the return on investment of high-tech equipment." In view of this, shell took the lead in putting forward the concept of total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry last year, issued TCO white papers for six major industrial fields, including metallurgy and general manufacturing, such as energy and plastic absorbent masterbatches, and actively participated in industry exhibitions to promote and advocate, helping China's manufacturing industry improve quality and efficiency in the context of industry 4.0

"shell smart" professional services, "smart" enjoy green development of energy equipment

green energy promotes green manufacturing, which is an important guarantee for the realization of industry 4.0. However, according to market research, about 61% of the surveyed enterprises said that they lacked trusted third-party experts to provide support when introducing "industry 4.0" technology. 88% of the surveyed enterprises hope that their lubricant suppliers can provide lubrication expertise and training, and give suggestions to help extend the service life of the equipment. 3 as the leading brand in global lubricant sales for 11 consecutive years, 4 shell has been actively exploring the application practice of energy saving, emission reduction, quality improvement and efficiency improvement in energy enterprises under the background of "industry 4.0"

at the 7th China (Taiyuan) International Energy Industry Expo 2018, held from September 16 to 18, shell appeared with "shell Zhihui" intelligent lubrication housekeeper and showed its lubrication products applied to the energy industry. "Green manufacturing is the development goal of 'industry 4.0'. Shell is committed to providing more and cleaner energy solutions to help energy enterprises promote the efficient use of energy equipment," said Li Chen, director of channel sales for Shell industrial lubricants north Through the application of "shell Zhihui", enterprises can enjoy online and offline one-stop equipment lubrication management services, including: accurate management of equipment files, one click on-site service plan, one-stop housekeeping service, and the national oil detection and service system established by the interconnection of big data platforms, so as to effectively manage equipment information, oil consumption and maintenance information, so as to eliminate faults in time and implement predictive maintenance, Cost reduction and efficiency increase can be as high as 30%

Ms. Li Chen, director of channel sales of Shell industrial lubricants north, shared the wonderful "shell Zhihui" on the spot.

at the exhibition site, shell also highlighted the industrial hydraulic oil - shell haideli S1 M. Shell haideli S1 only works in the process of sports. M is mainly used in industrial hydraulic systems and mobile and outdoor applications, with reliable protection performance. It has excellent low-temperature performance and is suitable for a wide working temperature range. It can provide reliable and efficient protection for most industrial equipment and mobile equipment, and has excellent economic practicality. According to the test data, shell haideli S1 m is far ahead of the industry standard. In the filtration performance test, the time is reduced by more than 250%. Compared with iso11158 standard, the air release performance is also improved by 150%. At present, this hydraulic oil has been successfully used in die casting, injection molding and construction machinery industries, and has won the favor of many customers

guests stopped at the booth of shell Energy Expo to discuss high-performance hydraulic lubrication and help metal forming enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

lubricating oil is regarded as the "blood" of machinery and equipment, and its quality directly determines the operation and service life of equipment. Improper selection will cause huge losses to manufacturing enterprises. Manufacturing enterprises have also realized this phenomenon. Market research results show that almost all manufacturing enterprises agree that the application of "industry 4.0" new technology will inevitably affect lubrication demand. Among them, 65% of the respondents said that they would pay more attention to the quality of lubricating oil. 6

Shell industrial lubricants made a strong debut at the 2018 China International Metal Forming exhibition

at the 2018 China International Metal Forming exhibition, shell fully displayed its high-performance hydraulic oil, shell Dulux S2 MX. The new formulation of delis S2 MX hydraulic oil is mainly used for fixed industrial hydraulic applications in factories and mobile hydraulic applications with limited temperature changes. It is suitable for customers in static applications such as iron and steel metallurgy. As one of the first hydraulic oils certified by the new Bosch Rexroth in the world, the oil can provide more excellent anti-wear protection and higher bearing capacity, avoid filter or valve jam failure, and improve the efficiency of system equipment

on site guests stopped in front of the shell booth to consult

Li Jia, manager of the OEM business development team of Shell industrial lubricants, said: "Under the new situation of 'industry 4.0', the metal forging industry is developing in the direction of high quality, high efficiency and digitalization. The industry has higher and higher requirements for the performance of lubricating oil. Shell has more than 60 years of experience in the field of hydraulic oil, and will, as always, rely on the world's leading hydraulic oil products and local perfect technical services to provide efficient lubrication and vigorous power for forging equipment, and help metal forming enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. ”

Ms. Li Jia, manager of Shell industrial lubricant OEM business development team (first from the left), was interviewed by the media on the spot

Jushi cooperation takes the lead in the market, and the future of "shell" dynamic bearings

cooperation concept is very important to lead the progress of the industry. At present, 92% of the manufacturing enterprises in the market say that they plan to cooperate with OEMs to jointly highlight the brand advantage of strong combination, so as to cope with the severe technical challenges and fierce market competition in the era of "industry 4.0". [7] Talking about the partnership with OEMs, in China, shell has been cooperating with leading enterprises in Xugong, haizhuang, Baosteel, Shougang and other industries, committed to delivering advanced oil products and services to end industrial customers and maximizing customer value

Shell industrial lubricants and leading bearing lubrication solutions appeared at the 2018 China International bearing and special equipment exhibition

at the 2018 China International bearing and special equipment exhibition, which opened on the 19th, shell intensively displayed its leading lubrication solutions for all kinds of bearings, covering industries such as wind power, railway, automobile, etc. "Bearing is an important basic component in the equipment manufacturing industry, which directly determines the performance, quality and reliability of major equipment and host products. As a leader in the lubricating oil industry, shell provides excellent grease products and more comprehensive professional services suitable for all kinds of bearings to all major industries, gives full play to the advantages of both enterprises in their respective fields, and works together to meet the growing needs of all industries to jointly 'shell' dynamic bearings Come. " Zheng Jiangning, an expert in the application of shell grease products, said

Mr. Zheng Jiangning, an expert in the application of shell grease products, shared technology

on site guests warmly consulted in front of the shell booth

"Win win cooperation with customers has always been the brand gene of Shell industrial lubricants. We hope to break the barriers brought by the new technology of 'industry 4.0' through professional and leading technical services, efficient and high-quality lubricants, and close partnership, and work together with customers in all industries to achieve infinite possibilities." Chen Bin, general manager of Shell industrial lubricant sales, said

do you want to take the lead in the industry competition? Hurry up, immediately scan the start of the second heater below to keep the water in the water tank at the required temperature dimension code, add "Shell industrial lubricant" which is mainly because the viscosity of the reducer oil is too small or too large, and apply for "shell smart" intelligent lubrication housekeeper to make an appointment for trial. Shell Zhihui will help your enterprise achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, and open a new era of intelligent lubrication. The top 500 users can also experience it for free

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