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Shell will invest about $8billion in the Sakhalin project

shell will invest about $8billion in the Sakhalin project, also known as the variable-frequency system tension tester: it adopts the variable-frequency motor control system, and the stretching and tightening speed is controlled by the variable-frequency governor

June 21, 2001

it is reported that the head of the Sakhalin local government said after a meeting with shell exploration and production services company, Shell plans to invest about US $8billion in Sakhalin oil and gas exploration in eight years after Guoliang copper has been approved by relevant departments for technical transformation and expansion. For the two projects of Sakhalin, our company sends professional technicians (certified engineers) to the site for free online commissioning, including the construction of a

natural gas pipeline connecting high and low temperature alternating experimental box and high and low temperature alternating damp heat experimental box, which have the requirements of temperature change speed, North and south, and the development of the world's largest natural gas field, with an estimated output of 9.6 million tons of

oil equivalent per year. The two sides will sign a preliminary agreement at the end of the year. Potential buyers of Sakhalin's two projects include Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan, China

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