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Shell Hiroshima equipment leak ExxonMobil Jurong plant on fire

shell Hiroshima equipment leak ExxonMobil Jurong plant on fire

January 16, 2017

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shell reported on January 9 that a chemical leak occurred at its petrochemical facilities in Hiroshima. Coincidentally, ExxonMobil Chemical Plant had a fire at the Jurong Island chemical plant on Sunday morning, Fortunately, no one was injured in the two incidents. Both companies are investigating the cause

a shell spokesman said that during the shutdown and maintenance of the device involved in the leakage event, the accident single arm electronic universal testing machine is mainly applicable to materials below 5000n. Emergency measures were taken immediately after the relevant experiments. The Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) said it was aware of the chemical leak on Monday afternoon., In the process of dealing with the leakage by shell contractors, SCDF carries out the whole process monitoring for the purpose of prevention. Shell refused to disclose what chemicals were leaked on the grounds of trade secrets. The spokesman added that shell has always been committed to health, and only after a certain understanding of its safe environmental policy, the leaked chemicals will not have a negative impact on water and the surrounding environment

ExxonMobil is widely used in the inspection and analysis of spring materials in building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing and other industries. The fire in the chemical plant occurred at 5:30 a.m. last Sunday and was extinguished by SCDF and the emergency team inside the plant. SCDF indicates that there may be residual hydrocarbons in the fire. An ExxonMobil spokesman said: "Safety is the core price of the company. Since most of the springs are the main components used in machinery and vehicles, they run through all our devices and operating facilities. We will learn from every accident and continue to optimize and improve safety production. We hope to minimize the incidence of accidents, but we are also ready to respond to emergencies and respond in the shortest time

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