Before spring sowing in tudunzi farm of the hottes

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Before the spring sowing in tudunzi farm of the Sixth Division, the large-scale military training of agricultural machinery has become normal.

the spring sowing period is approaching. Some parameters of Xinjiang 1 still depend on you to understand in detail the annual agricultural machinery large-scale military training in tudunzi farm of the Sixth Division of the Corps. The main experimental machines sold this year are: Wanneng experimental machine, pressure experimental machine, impact experimental machine, friction and wear experimental machine, tension experimental machine These experimental machines have been highly praised by the majority of users this year. They have been used for various bridge plate and basin rubber bearings to carry out activities under the composite conditions of compression and shear resistance, and have become a normal state. In order to rush the agricultural time, the Department reported that from the brief introduction of TDI business status in 2014 and the brief introduction of soft foam polyether business status in 2014, the early sowing completed the first sowing of full seedlings. Tudunzi farm began to implement the task of agricultural machinery and implement the training garden as soon as possible, Place the locomotive at the snow breaking place as soon as possible to melt, so as to ensure the early start of the task of agricultural machinery training

in the military training task, the harvester shall be adjusted according to the crops sown by each locomotive. The farm agricultural machinery station shall stop the qualified inspection of all spring sowing locomotives one by one, and the unqualified ones shall not be issued with agricultural machinery homework permits. Continue to practice adjustment until they are qualified, so as to ensure that each locomotive can harvest normally when it enters the ground

the current military training mission has been stopped for three days, and 85% of the locomotives have obtained the agricultural machinery homework permit

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