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Shell is optimistic about the Chinese market

Guide: Although China's economy is experiencing difficulties, shell is still confident in the Chinese market and plans to increase investment in this largest lubricant market in the future. On October, shell, a lubricant supplier that has been doing business in China for more than a century, held a large-scale technical

although China's economy is experiencing difficulties, shell is still confident in the Chinese market and plans to increase investment in this largest lubricant market in the future

On October, shell, a lubricant supplier that has been doing business in China for more than a century, held a large-scale technology summit in Shanghai, with almost all its leaders and technical experts from around the world, Asia Pacific and China. Both the keynote speech of the technology summit and the beautifully decorated booth outside the venue have a common theme: technology leadership. In this context, shell comprehensively displayed its technical strength to visitors in terms of lubrication science, various lubrication products, technical services and technical centers through videos, objects and other means, attracting a large number of guests to stop and watch. Even the world-famous Ferrari racing car also came to the scene, which filled the eyes of many fans

"the most important purpose of this summit is to share our technological advantages with customers. Technology and innovation are the most competitive key elements for us, and also the main way for us to provide value to customers." Dr. Selda gunsel, vice president of shell global business technology, said. Through this summit, shell hopes to further deepen exchanges with Chinese customers, understand their needs, work together, and find ways to improve business operations

aim at the most potential market

in this period when the world economy is shrouded in clouds, the Asia Pacific region has become the engine driving the growth of global lubricant demand. According to data, by 2020, the lubricant demand in this region will account for more than 50% of global demand

the engine of the Asia Pacific region is China, a rising economy that accounts for more than 50% of the growth in lubricant demand in the Asia Pacific region. This means that in the next few years, China may replace the United States as the world's largest lubricant market

China's new demand for lubricants will come from various fields. It is predicted that the number of motor vehicles in China will exceed 500 million in the next 10 years, which will obviously greatly promote consumer demand for lubricants. The demand for industrial lubricants will be driven by mining, construction, steel and other fields closely related to infrastructure construction. Globally, China will still be one of the countries with the largest scale of infrastructure construction

therefore, almost all lubricant enterprises have taken the Chinese market as the core of their global strategy. As a leading lubricant enterprise in the world, shell is no exception. Its unconventional natural gas and lubricating oil business performed well in the Chinese market, which also prompted the company to start to invest more resources in China in a planned way

on April 24, Shell Group announced that shell's project and technology business was officially launched in China to strengthen shell's technical services and R & D capabilities in China through mergers and acquisitions, capacity index transactions and other ways to achieve the intensification and scope of the new material industry. As a result, the shell global gasification business department and the shell global unconventional gas and coalbed methane center will be moved to Beijing, and one of the shell global lubricant technology centers will also be set up in Shanghai. These new institutions are led by a senior management team based in China, including Dr. Selda gunsel

on August 16, shell built a new lubricant blending plant in Tianjin to provide a series of lubricant products to North China, with an annual production capacity of 300 million liters and a maximum annual production capacity of 500 million liters. It is expected to be put into operation in 2015. This is shell's seventh lubricant blending plant in China. Shell has built lubricant blending plants in Zhapu, Zhejiang Province and Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, and has effectively predicted the generation and development of composite laminate failure under low-speed impact in Zhuhai (ANSYS, LS DYNA) and other places. It has a lubricant technology service center

this is not the best news. In an interview with the media at the technology summit, Ms. Wu Ruizhen, vice president of shell's Asia Pacific/Middle East commercial fuel and lubricants business, revealed that in the next two years, shell plans to spend $100billion on fixed assets investment in its global upstream and downstream businesses. "Our customers are increasingly in need of technical support. Therefore, we must strengthen the technical support force in China, so that we can cooperate more closely with our customers." So said Dr. Selda gunsel

in addition, shell has also signed a series of cooperation agreements with partners such as CNOOC, PetroChina and fastex, a heavy-duty transmission manufacturer. These actions undoubtedly clearly show that shell has focused on China, the most potential lubricant market. As we all know, the key to the success of lubricant business lies in getting close to users and providing the right products and services in the right place. Shell is a master who knows this well


as mentioned above, there are more and more competitors in the Chinese market, which makes China's competitive environment more intense. It is more and more difficult to get more in the distribution of this big cake. Shell has clearly understood this. Mr. Shen Jian, general manager of Shell China lubricant business in mainland and Hong Kong, said: "we are fully aware of the increasingly fierce competition in China's lubricant market. Almost global lubricant supplier brands and local companies in China are very active. This is undoubtedly the most competitive lubricant market in the world."

as the world's leading energy company, shell's accumulation of more than 100 years has provided it with full confidence. Dr. Selda gunsel said, "technological advantage is our biggest competitive advantage, and we are very concerned about product innovation. Another advantage is that it can be closely combined with customer needs." She concluded at the summit that shell's achievements in the field of global industrial lubricants today are mainly due to its persistence in doing a good job in three aspects, maintaining strong scientific research and innovation capabilities, providing efficient and practical solutions, and focusing on developing high-quality partnership, including exploring top OEMs, customers and scientific research institutions. These historical experiences have also been applied by shell in the Chinese market

for any enterprise, customers are always the core of attention. The development of the company often means the continuous satisfaction of customer needs, especially for shell. Shen Jian said, "we pay more attention to the application of products in terms of technology. We hope that the products have a good leading technology, bring more value to customers, and pay more attention to providing customers with the solutions they need."

due to the extreme attention to customer needs, the above three aspects have become the top priority of shell. The large amount of investment and cooperation in China, as well as the construction of service network and brand, all show shell's customer-centric concept

shell is good at capturing customer needs, which makes it like a fish in water when dealing with customers. "We have many different customers, but they have many common needs." Dr. Selda gunsel said, "for example, they all hope to improve the economic efficiency of fuel, prevent mechanical corrosion and wear, and prolong the cycle of each lubricating oil filling." Shell will develop corresponding solutions to these common points and the diverse needs of customers, "providing value to them"

as a multinational company, it carries out business worldwide. 1. The electronic universal material testing machine is a large-scale precision testing machine, which also gives shell an advantage in the eyes of Chinese customers that its peers do not have. Shell can draw on its technology and knowledge in various countries and regions to summarize and apply it to the Chinese market. Another advantage is that shell can play a more important role in the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. Enterprises bred in the rise of China's economy are in the period of expanding their business from the domestic market to the international market. Shell can rely on its networks around the world to help Chinese enterprises choose the most suitable solutions for specific international markets, including not only lubricating oil products, but also on-site support, consultants and other content, and provide them in local languages. "It can be said that shell is the only company in the lubricant industry to provide lube match global services." Dr. Cameron Watson, global technical manager of shell OEM manufacturers, said with pride

"obviously, the economic recession in 2012 has affected our performance. But it will never affect our strategy in China." Dr Watson Cameron said, "our strategy is still very positive and full of confidence. Our investment in China, our attention to China and our view on China are all gradually growing. The establishment of technology centers, more staff assignments and partner cooperation all prove our long-term interests in China."

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