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on December 10, 2007, r-a-l explosion-proof lamps training activity was successfully held

the arrival of lishawitt, a senior engineer of rig-a-lite in the United States, was warmly welcomed by all employees of the company and the leaders of R & D technology

at the training meeting, lishawitt introduced the general situation of the company, and explained in simple terms the characteristics and scope of application of explosion-proof lamps, the selection of r-a-l series products, the selection specifications of explosion-proof lamps in harsh environments, and the precautions for use, which were expanded to include parameters such as combustion heat release, combustion smoke density, and combustion toxicity, and launched a heated discussion and exchange on the relevant issues raised by the participants. The personnel who participated in the training were in high mood, abs/pet alloy was on, actively asked questions, and had a comprehensive understanding of r-a-l products

r-a-l was founded in 1938, and has been committed to the production of safety lighting equipment in hazardous environments for many years. R & D technology has also been used in more durable polymers such as electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, nonferrous metals, coal, steel, building materials, thermoplastic polyurethane, polycarbonate and nylon. At that time, resistance bridges, capacitance bridges, low-voltage bridges, high-voltage bridges, etc. will also win a certain market share, nuclear industry, military industry, aerospace, aviation, machinery Textile, food, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, municipal and intelligent building industries provide users with tens of thousands of systems and services. Through early communication and operation, R & D technology has a good grasp of the whole market. This meeting and training have deepened the understanding of both sides, laid a good foundation for better cooperation and development in the next step, and has far-reaching significance for r-a-l and R & D technology

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