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Zoomlion: change the development mode research line to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

Zoomlion: change the development mode research line to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

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Guide: in a few days, Zoomlion will usher in its 18th birthday. Like a young man in full bloom, Zoomlion shows its vigorous vitality with its own growth, It brings people one surprise after another. In 18 years, a small company transformed from a research institute has fused into an annual output value of 33.7 billion yuan

in a few days, Zoomlion will usher in its 18th birthday. Like a young man in full bloom, Zoomlion has shown its vigorous vitality with its own growth, bringing people one surprise after another - - in the past 18 years, a small company transformed from a research institute, "fusion" has become an industry giant with an annual output value of 33.7 billion yuan; In the "top 500 Chinese enterprises" released a few days ago, Zoomlion's ranking rose from 236 last year to 191, ranking first in the national construction machinery industry in terms of profits, and the average annual growth rate of enterprises reached 60%

"different enterprises will have different choices for the path of independent innovation at different stages of development. Zoomlion takes the road of 'industrialization of science and technology, industrialization of science and technology, and internationalization of enterprises'. Our mission is not only to transform technology into practical productivity, expand an enterprise, but also to bring a national research institute into the market and lead the technological progress of the industry." Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said

Zoomlion researchers who are working

"industrialization of science and technology"

the emergence of new technologies does not equal the formation of new industries. What really determines the value of independent innovation and industrial competitiveness is the quantity, quality and speed of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

speaking of Zoomlion, we must start from its parent, Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Construction Machinery Institute"), which leads to poor formability in 3D printing molding. Founded in 1956, the Construction Machinery Institute is the only comprehensive scientific research institute in China that focuses on the research and development of construction machinery and industry technology in areas with sufficient natural gas. As the "national team" of scientific research and development in the construction machinery industry, the Construction Machinery Institute has been receiving the continuous investment of the state in capital, talents, policies and other aspects, and has successively provided relevant technology for more than 80% of the construction machinery enterprises in the country

in the 1980s, the original system has not adapted to the requirements of market economy. In 1985, the central government decided to carry out the reform of the scientific and technological system, and the Institute of construction machinery was listed as one of the first batch of transformed scientific research institutions. The first thing brought about by the system transformation was the reduction of "business expenses". As the contractor, the institutes and research rooms under the academy after weaning, as shown in Figure 6, had to "find rice to cook" and rely on the paid transfer of scientific and technological achievements for survival and development

although this way of connecting with the market can stimulate the initiative of research units to combine with the market more than before, it is only a shallow combination, so it soon shows disadvantages: the overall research strength and integration and research collaboration of the research institute have declined, there is no staying power in scientific research, and the transfer of results has actually become selling drawings, and the price is getting lower and lower. Over the past few years, more than 20 contracting units have all been in a semi dead state

with a solid scientific research foundation, the hospital can only survive hard, and the whole hospital is in a dilemma of "begging for food with a golden bowl". How to really solve the puzzle of system and mechanism, so that science and technology can release its energy as the "first productive force" and reflect its due value? Everyone is struggling to find a way out. At this time, some enterprises that obtained the output drawings of the Construction Machinery Institute rose rapidly, but as the source of innovation, the Construction Machinery Institute itself received only a meager design transfer fee

"we must transform scientific research achievements into industries and realize a virtuous cycle of supporting science and technology with industries and promoting industry with science and technology, so as to have a way out." In 1992, Zhan Chunxin, the then vice president, persuaded seven other people to borrow 500000 yuan to establish the rudiment of Zoomlion Heavy Industry - Zoomlion construction machinery industry company, taking the difficult first step of "technology industrialization"

the company has been established, but no one can tell how to go and how long it can go. In order to motivate everyone, Zhan Chunxin described a beautiful vision for everyone, "when the company develops well, everyone's income will be greatly increased. At that time, guests don't have to cook at home, but can treat at yinpenling (a big stall near Jianji hospital)." For this kind of "luxury" life, everyone feels incredible

experts in scientific research in the past, but running the company seems a little "Pediatrics". Liu Xiaoping, deputy director of the marketing department, smiled and talked about his experience at the beginning of starting a business: to run an enterprise, we need to engage in marketing, but no one has experience in how to marketing, so he posted an advertisement, recruited a salesperson, and mobilized the salesperson to ride a bike to find customers in the streets of Changsha. The method is very simple - to find a "big pit". Where a big pit is dug, it means that construction will be carried out, and construction machinery will be used in construction, You may become your own customer

in this way, Zoomlion staggered to the market

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