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Liaoning Provincial Publishing Bureau studied and deployed the key work in 2010

in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the national publishing work conference, promote the healthy and rapid development of the publishing industry in Liaoning Province, and lay a good foundation for the launch and implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan, Liaoning Provincial Publishing Bureau held a Liaoning Publishing (copyright) work conference in Shenyang on January 18, 2010. The meeting conveyed the spirit of the national publishing work conference, reviewed and summarized the publishing work of the whole province in 2009, and studied and deployed the key work in 2010 and the next period. Tengweiping, vice governor of the people's Government of Liaoning Province, and Meng Huaming, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee, attended the meeting and made important speeches. Ma Shujun, Secretary of the Party group and director of the Liaoning Provincial Publishing Bureau (Copyright Bureau), made a work report

the meeting pointed out that under the correct leadership of the Liaoning provincial Party committee and the Liaoning provincial government, the provincial publishing front conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the central and provincial Party committees, adhered to scientific supervision on the one hand and innovative development on the other hand, closely focused on the overall situation of maintaining growth, ensuring people's livelihood, ensuring stability and promoting development, comprehensively promoted the publishing work of our province, and achieved new results in all aspects, New breakthroughs have been made in some key work and major reform issues: the ability to guide public opinion has been continuously improved, creating a good public opinion environment for the smooth development of the central work of the province; The reform of system and mechanism has been deepened, and the reform in the publishing field has been comprehensively accelerated; The industry has accelerated its development and maintained a good momentum of prosperity and development; Public services focus on practical results, and the publishing public service system represented by the construction of rural Bookstore project is improving day by day; Industry and market supervision has been further strengthened, and the management level has been continuously improved; Party building and team building have been continuously strengthened

the meeting stressed that the overall requirements of the province's publishing work in 2010 and in the future are to fully implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee and the work deployment of the General Administration of publishing, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, thoroughly implement the scientificoutlookondevelopment, adhere to scientific supervision and innovative development on the one hand, boldly reform, strengthen the main industry, improve services and innovative management, so as to form a new order of industry supervision and build a new pattern of industrial development, Lay a solid foundation for our province to build a publishing industry highland that reaches the northeast, radiates the whole country and aims at the world

The conference deployed six aspects of work to be done well this year and in the future:

first, fully recognize the urgent situation facing the current publishing work and seek new breakthroughs at a new starting point. Put publishing work into the overall layout of economic and social development and the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and understand and grasp the status and role of publishing work from the dual attributes of ideology and cultural industry of publishing work. It not only undertakes the mission of inheriting and disseminating advanced ideology and culture, but also undertakes the responsibility of expanding and strengthening the publishing industry. Firmly grasp the implementation of the revitalization plan of the cultural industry by the central and provincial Party committees and governments, promote the reform of the cultural system, and increase investment in the cultural industry; The publishing industry is in the traditional system of breaking administrative divisions, regional blockades, and segmentation, establish "In order to maintain the same or slightly improved functions, during the historical turning point of the new system of market regulation, resource integration and industrial integration, the market plays an increasingly important fundamental role in the allocation of publishing resources; the rapid development of new media and new formats and the wide application of new technologies make the production and communication means of the publishing industry more efficient and fast, the mutual transformation of various publishing resources more convenient and easy, and the carrier and form of various publications More colorful and other rare opportunities, follow the trend and take advantage of it. Further clarify the direction of publishing work, continue to adhere to scientific supervision and innovative development on the one hand, take scientific development and strengthening strength as the goal, take deepening reform and innovative system as the means, take industrial planning and project construction as the starting point, and take strengthening supervision and administration according to law as the guarantee, so as to establish a new order of industrial supervision that meets the needs of industrial development and a new pattern of industrial development that meets the requirements of market economy as soon as possible

second, strengthen the scientific supervision of the publishing industry and strive to build a new order of administrative supervision in line with the socialist market economic system. Firmly grasp the guidance of public opinion and publishing, further strengthen the monitoring and research of public opinion, strengthen the construction of professional review institutions and review teams, and start to build a digital platform for the review of publication content. We will continue to improve the publishing regulatory system and innovate regulatory means and mechanisms. Further improve the real name application for book numbers and establish a new management mechanism for the issuance of book numbers. Comprehensively strengthen the management of the trinity of form, content and team of newspapers and periodicals, establish a normalization mechanism for the withdrawal of newspapers and periodicals, improve the access system of newspapers and periodicals, and improve the access and withdrawal mechanism. We will strengthen the supervision of digital publishing activities and their products, and improve the Internet management mechanism and the mechanism for investigating and dealing with violations. Apply high-tech achievements to publishing supervision, and start and promote the construction of Internet publishing supervision system. Further improve and perfect the copyright work system, improve the work registration and contract registration and filing system, and orderly promote the establishment of copyright workstations. Actively promote copyright exchange and cooperation, and explore the establishment of an international corresponding system of copyright. Establish a copyright transaction protection mechanism. We will continue to carry out the fight against pornography and illegal publications, highlight the priorities of our work, intensify the crackdown on illegal publications, and resolutely put an end to primary problems. We will effectively carry out and interconnect the fight against pornography and illegal publications, and establish and improve a long-term working mechanism for combating pornography and illegal publications. We will improve the reward and punishment mechanism for combating pornography and illegal publications, and explore the establishment of a compulsory withdrawal mechanism for illegal publications

third, vigorously promote the development of the publishing industry and build a new pattern on the basis of strengthening the main industry. Through adjusting the structure, innovating the content, opening up the market, applying advanced technology and other ways, we can realize the new development of the publishing industry and the transformation to the modern publishing industry. Actively implement the intensive strategy and build a number of publishing industry groups and parks including book publishing, newspaper industry, periodicals and digital publishing. Continue to promote the quality strategy, create a number of quality works, and create a number of well-known publishing enterprises. Effectively implement the "going out" strategy, support a number of key projects and a number of key enterprises, and promote qualified enterprises to land and develop abroad. Accelerate the integrated development of traditional publishing industry and emerging publishing industry, break the restrictions of publishing carriers, and realize composite publishing and three-dimensional publishing. Guide non-public cultural institutions to enter the publishing industry in an orderly manner, and explore and open up publishing channels for non-public cultural institutions. Actively develop the printing industry and printing equipment manufacturing industry, and promote the construction of four distinctive printing industrial belts with Shenyang, Dalian, Anshan, Jinzhou, etc. as the core. Relying on key enterprises such as Liaoning Han's Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd., Liaoning Yingkou printing high-tech industrial base is established, making Liaoning a leading printing equipment manufacturing base in China. Accelerate the construction of modern publishing logistics system, actively build a regional large-scale publication logistics center with prominent main business and strong radiation, and form a highland of regional publication market. Promote the establishment of Liaoning North Newspaper Retail Distribution Co., Ltd. Vigorously develop the emerging publishing industry, implement the Liaoning digital publishing project, cultivate a number of key digital publishing backbone enterprises, and actively prepare to build a digital publishing industrial park. Do a good job in the preparation of the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of the publishing industry in the province and the special development plans in various fields of the industry

Fourth, we should strive to deepen the reform in the publishing field and build a new publishing system under the socialist market economic system. In accordance with the requirements of the Central Committee, we should make breakthroughs in key areas and promote them in an all-round way to ensure the decisive victory of the publishing reform. On the basis of market players in place, we will further deepen the reform of the property rights system of business-oriented book, audio-visual and electronic publishing units, establish a modern enterprise system, improve the corporate governance structure, promote the joint reorganization and resource integration of publishing units with similar businesses and shared resources, and promote the listing and financing of enterprises with mature conditions. In accordance with the principle of classified guidance and step-by-step implementation, and in accordance with the unified deployment of the General Administration of publication, we will promote the transformation of non current affairs newspaper and periodical publishing units. We should promote powerful periodical agencies to establish periodical groups through merger, reorganization, input and other processes and alliances. Accelerate the cultivation of large-scale publishing and media backbone enterprises, with the goal of building a domestic first-class, world-oriented and internationally competitive large-scale publishing and media enterprise, strive to build an aircraft carrier of China's publishing industry with assets belonging to Liaoning and sales of more than 10 billion, and expand and strengthen a number of backbone enterprises with significant domestic influence in books, newspapers, periodicals, printing, distribution and other aspects. We will continue to deepen the reform of the Xinhua bookstore system across the province and promote the integration and reorganization of Xinhua Bookstore resources. Liaoning Xinhua Bookstore Group was established with Liaoning Xinhua Bookstore Co., Ltd. as the platform and Xinhua bookstores in cities and counties (districts) as the main body

fifth, we should conscientiously improve public publishing services and make new achievements in ensuring people's livelihood. On the basis of ensuring the effective operation and function of the rural bookstores completed in the previous two years, 5962 new rural bookstores have been built, and the three-year construction task of rural bookstores has been fully completed, so as to achieve the goals of high efficiency and high testing accuracy of rural bookstores in all villages of the province. Actively explore the long-term mechanism for the construction of rural bookstores, give play to the long-term effectiveness of rural bookstores, improve the management and utilization level of rural bookstores, and promote the orderly and effective operation of rural bookstores. We will continue to increase the planning and investment in public welfare publishing projects and publishing projects, and plan and implement the three series of public welfare key publishing projects of scientific theory, Chinese culture and Liaoning style. Continue to organize and implement the Golden Sunset Publishing Project and the Golden Village publishing project. Actively promote the national reading project, innovate the organization and operation mode of national reading activities, and explore and build an effective carrier for carrying out activities. We will continue to combine the rural Bookstore project with the national reading technology and equipment project, which is backward, the scope of production enterprises have not yet formed, and the lack of market competitiveness project, and attract farmers to read books through various activities. Vigorously implement the cultural and environmental protection project, further rectify and standardize the order of the cultural environment around the campus, severely crack down on pirated teaching materials, do a good job in the publication of juvenile publications, and continue to carry out the activities of Liao edition books into the campus

sixth, we should solidly promote the construction of the publishing team and introduce new measures to improve the quality of the team. We will extensively carry out activities to establish learning party organizations and learning organs on the provincial publishing front, and promote the establishment of the concept of lifelong learning. Further promote the construction of party conduct, clean government and anti-corruption work in the publishing system of the province. Do a good job in the publication, implementation and implementation of the opinions on Further Strengthening the construction of the publishing industry in the province. We will continue to work hard to solve outstanding problems in the construction of professional conduct, such as newspaper apportionment, which are strongly reflected by the people, and strengthen industrial governance. We will vigorously strengthen the professional ethics education of publishing practitioners. Effectively strengthen the construction of talent team. With the goal of cultivating influential leading talents in the national publishing industry, we will make an overall plan to build a team of outstanding professionals, business management talents and professional and technical talents in various fields of publishing. Do a good job in the introduction and training of new media technical and management talents. Accelerate the innovation of talent work system and mechanism, explore and establish an effective reward and incentive mechanism, and improve the talent selection, evaluation and flow mechanism. Carry out training and education for employees through multiple channels, improve the on-the-job training and organization training system, and improve the methods of various professional training and education

major responsible comrades from the publishing departments of 14 cities in the province, some publishing

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