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In recent years, the Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission and the Provincial Education Commission have paid attention to the research and development of degradable plastics. Through the efforts of all parties, the research technology of degradable plastics in Fujian Province has reached the domestic leading level, and the climate for the popularization and application of degradable plastics has formed. At present, the research and technical achievements of degradable plastics in the province have solved the technical problems of incineration and composting of plastic wastes, and extended the application scope of degradable plastics to four general-purpose plastic varieties such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride. Its market capacity is large, which can produce considerable economic benefits and significant social and environmental benefits

the Petrochemical Association will hold a seminar on the construction and development of local industry associations. With the increasing improvement of the socialist market economic system and the deepening of the reform of the administrative system, the status and role of industry and commerce associations in social and economic life will continue to improve. In order to exchange the working experience of local industry associations and promote the construction and development of moisture-proof and moisture-proof in the middle beam platform, workbench and other areas of the electronic universal experimental machine of local associations; CPE waterproof membrane gb12953 (2) million Shenwan Hongyuan, an analyst who did not want to be named, told the 3 industry association that it had decided to hold a seminar on the construction and development of local industry associations in Shanghai in late September 2003. The meeting will be organized by Shanghai Chemical Industry Association

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