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After five years of research and development, with an investment of more than 300million, why is this robot enterprise still unable to make profits

original title: five years of research and development, with an investment of more than 300million, why is this robot enterprise still unable to make profits

recently, robots learned at the industry forum that an enterprise that designs, develops and manufactures security robots, with an investment of 300million in five years, is still unable to make profits. Let's take a look at the specific situation

this is a famous security service robot company in the industry: Zhongzhi Kechuang. The robots manufactured by CIIC are mainly used for security services. Their product series are divided into indoor security and outdoor security. It is hoped that they will make greater contributions to promoting technological innovation and strengthening the city through innovation in Linyi

1. Product series

2. Market demand analysis

the product series is very comprehensive, and the market is sufficiently segmented. Let's analyze the market demand

in this era of hot robots, which is also an era when the "demographic dividend" is gradually shrinking, and the "technological dividend" is prominent, machine replacement is the general trend, but why can't the demand for robots replace some people in the security industry, The demand of the market is completely inconsistent with our vision that there will be groups of robots patrolling the security of a large number of high-rise buildings

let's take a look at the outdoor temporary security (temporary security) activities

this is a temporary security solution for a large outdoor activity in Shenzhen every year, which can indeed save 40 jobs, accounting for about 22%. But for the salary level of security guards and the temporary scene, the investment of 40 people is insignificant, and it can be temporarily requisitioned. It can be seen that the demand is still not sufficient

3. In depth analysis of the industry

what is the reason for these enterprises to invest 300million in research and development for five years, but they still can't make profits. Moreover, it is still backed by the security enterprise group Zhongan holdings. In a large number of group resources, they can also research and use by themselves, which solves the problem of sales of some products

we can see from a large number of appearances that Foxconn's industrial robots have achieved success internally, which can solve many manual problems of repeated assembly line production, reduce labor costs and improve enterprise productivity. Why is it impossible to realize the potential demand of this technology replacement in the security industry

3.1 technical in-depth analysis

in fact, indoor robots are more mature than outdoor robots, because indoor robots can move according to the preset track, while outdoor robots have high requirements for navigation. In the electromagnetic environment of high-rise buildings and other complex electromagnetic environments that reduce and eliminate the pollution and impact of plastic packaging materials on the ecological environment, it is difficult to obtain high-precision GPS or Beidou Positioning in real time at any time

the problem with indoor robots is that AI's intelligence is not high, and its "service ability" to do things instead of people is limited. The "walking ability" of outdoor robots is limited, let alone the service ability. At present, slam navigation is the most important key technology that restricts the activities of outdoor robots

slam (simultaneous localization and mapping) is synchronous positioning and mapping, which was first proposed by Hugh Durrant Whyte and John nard. In an unknown environment, the robot locates itself through its internal sensors (encoder, IMU, etc.) and external sensors (laser sensor or visual sensor), and uses the environmental information obtained by external sensors to build an incremental environmental map on the basis of positioning

sl to check the surrounding environment, power supply voltage, startup detection, host grounding check am is more like a concept than an algorithm. It itself contains many steps, each of which can be implemented by different algorithms. It is mainly used to solve the problems of real-time location and map construction when mobile robots are running in unknown environments

when you are in a different place, how can you accurately find the place you want to go? How can I find my way home when I get lost outdoors

at present, slam technology is still not mature enough, and it still stays in the algorithm stage, which is far from reaching the degree of practical application. It is still impossible to make robots play a leading role freely in an unfamiliar environment or a changing environment, and miniaturization, intelligence and networking are the core or key roles

3.2 real demand analysis

at the same time, we learned that the price of a security robot in the park is up to 400000 yuan, although it is estimated that a robot can replace 1 Personal ability, but according to the current salary level of security guards, 400000 can recruit 10 people a year, and 5 people can be recruited in two years. For such a large investment, the current property company is estimated not to feel easy. This should be the biggest constraint of security service robots in the market: cost. If a robot only needs about 100000, but it can achieve the service ability of more than two people, the market should be able to accept it

although it is wonderful to replace people with machines, in order to achieve the application on the ground, in addition to solving the basic technical problems, we also need to further subdivide the market. At the same time, the manufacturing cost of the robot itself also needs to be reduced, which can greatly meet the market demand and let the market take the initiative to find products

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