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According to British media reports, British researchers have developed a new type of plastic electrolyte to strengthen supercapacitors to replace the existing polyurethane materials used in electric vehicles. The amount of polyurethane materials is rising. This new type of plastic electrolyte can make the capacitance of the current supercapacitor reach 1000 times, or even 10000 times the efficiency, which will make the wish of "second charging" with computers come true within two years

the British research and development of new plastic electrolyte computer second charging will come true

comparison of parameters of supercapacitors, electrostatic capacitors and batteries. Supercapacitors are far better than existing batteries in many parameters

it is reported that this new plastic electrolyte was inspired by the principle of making contact lenses by Ian Hamerton, a Ph.D. in polymers and composites who studied in the Department of Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom

Ian Hamerton pointed out that the new plastic electrolyte opened the development of supercapacitors leading to high capacity density, because this new plastic electrolyte can be applied to the conductive materials currently used

t= (p/f) *sin a in fact, supercapacitors are also known as electric double-layer capacitors (EDLC). Different from the traditional definition of battery, supercapacitor is a new energy storage element that uses electrodes and electrolytes to store energy. Although charging and storage are quite fast. Gen believes that there will be a great development in cobalt recovery. According to Dr. brendanh owlin of the University of Surrey in the UK, the world is currently studying this new energy storage technology, which makes this new energy storage element very likely to make a breakthrough in the near future

nevertheless, the proportion of energy stored per kilogram of supercapacitors is still quite low, which has become the main defect of supercapacitors. Jim Heathcote, chairman of augmented optics Ltd, said that if you want to complete the desire of charging in a few seconds, the weight of the supercapacitor needs to be more than 20 times the current battery weight. To solve this problem, researchers spent three years inventing this plastic electrolyte to overcome the threshold of low energy storage per kilogram of supercapacitors

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, an American electric vehicle enterprise, once praised supercapacitors as the most potential technology in the future transportation field. Because the secret materials used through the super capacitor will enable the electric vehicle to have the same mileage as the fuel vehicle without using the 8-hour charging process

at present, supercapacitor buses have been launched in China. However, the driving distance is very limited; In the future, through the application of this new plastic electrolyte, the bus with super capacitor can travel a distance of 46 stops without stopping every two or three stops to charge

heathcote pointed out that the supercapacitor test products with new plastic electrolyte will be tested in the spring of 2017. If this technology is feasible, it can reduce the size of the battery and complete a few seconds of charging within 2 years. Source: CPRJ China plastic rubber

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