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The 2015 China (Changsha) International Construction Machinery Accessories Expo will be opened in Changsha on November 9. At present, all preparations for the exhibition are being fully accelerated

on October 27, Liao Jian, deputy mayor of Changsha Municipal People's government and director of the Organizing Committee of the 2015 China (Changsha) International Construction Machinery Accessories Expo, listened to the report on the preparatory work of the Changsha Accessories Expo. He pointed out that construction machinery is the brand of Changsha, the brand of Hunan, and the brand of the world. Changsha Distribution Expo is the No. 1 exhibition in Changsha. The whole city should attach great importance to it and all departments should fully cooperate. The organizing committee should strengthen scheduling, integrate forces, strengthen publicity, carefully prepare for all preparations, welcome guests from all parties, make Changsha Distribution Expo a boutique, and build Changsha exhibition brand. However, it is impossible to obtain the damaged curve on a general experimental machine

it is reported that the 2015 China (Changsha) International Construction Machinery Accessories Expo closely echoes the national "made in China 2025", "Internet +", "the Belt and Road", "Chinese equipment going global" and other major strategic deployment, with the theme of "innovation, upgrading, communication, win-win", focusing on the display of intelligence, electronization, robotics, multifunctional The contribution of interconnection + and other supporting parts to the industrial structure adjustment and technological upgrading of construction machinery mainframe

the total exhibition area of this distribution Expo is 70000 square meters, of which the indoor exhibition area is 22000 square meters and the outdoor exhibition area is 48000 square meters, attracting from caterpillar of the United States, Kohler power of the United States, axletech of the United States, shell of the Netherlands, Deutschland DEUTZ, moer plastics of Germany, cob of Italy, O group, Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Shanhe intelligence, Liugong of Guangxi Taifu heavy industry, Anhui Heli forklift, Hengtian ninth five year plan, Jianglu group, Wuxin heavy equipment, Weichai Power, Shantui crawler chassis, Shantui Shengfang machinery, Shantui transmission, Yuchai Machinery, Maanshan Fangyuan slewing ring, Fangyuan hydraulic, Jiuzhou Jianyuan machinery, Beijing Huade Hydraulic, Anhui Jingtian hydraulic, Zhongchuan hydraulic, Hengli oil cylinder, Shandong Mingde, Fujian Quanyong machinery, Lantian robot, Changtai robot, Yishi environmental protection Nearly 300 exhibitors from more than 10 countries and regions, including Yunjian group and Shenyi hardware, participated in the exhibition

for the first time, the Expo will set up a 1000 square meter exhibition area for intelligent manufacturing and robots. Changtai robot and Lantian robot, large domestic first-line brand intelligent manufacturing enterprises, will be displayed in a super large area, and will drive other enterprises of the robot industry alliance to participate in the exhibition; The CEC software park has set aside a 450 square meter exhibition area to display the top technologies and products related to intelligent manufacturing. There are also rich and colorful intelligent products in the exhibition area. Energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be considered. 2. Machine preheating. Preheat the machine for 20 ~ 30 minutes to comprehensively consider the performance of energy-efficient products

during the Expo, the "2015 China Construction machinery accessories industry annual meeting", "2015 military and civilian general engineering equipment innovation and development seminar", "2015 national earthwork Machinery Standardization Technical Committee Annual Meeting", "2015 China (Changsha) intelligent manufacturing industry forum", "2015 China Construction Machinery Technology Development Summit Forum (CTO Forum)" will be held at the same time "Cmiic2015 China Construction Machinery Industry interconnection conference and brand event" and other six national forums, as well as "2015 China (Changsha) International Construction Machinery Accessories Expo and Trade Fair opening ceremony", "2015 China Construction Machinery Parts Trading Development Summit Forum", "construction machinery host and accessories enterprise procurement docking meeting", "Huicong construction machinery o2o large-scale procurement meeting" "Intelligent performance of construction machinery" and other distinctive on-site activities

the Expo has invited more than 2000 industry senior experts, industry elites, business leaders and buyers to gather in Changsha to discuss the problems faced in the process of innovating technology, upgrading industry and improving added value, and finally help more construction machinery enterprises achieve strategic growth

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