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Research and development of environmentally friendly insulating gas to boost gas insulated pipeline transmission

research and development of new insulating gas to deliver fresh blood to power equipment and get along well with the environment has posed great challenges to power workers

world problems

all major power equipment giants in the world are actively developing new environmental friendly gases. 3M, GE and ABB in the United States have made breakthroughs and are gradually forming a technological monopoly advantage. In the face of the strong leading advantages of foreign companies, several generations of domestic power people have worked hard, but they are still mainly in the laboratory research stage. "The research on environmental protection gases to replace sulfur hexafluoride in China is still in the exploration stage, and there is a large gap compared with similar foreign technologies, so the relevant research needs to be accelerated and deepened." Gaokeli, the person in charge of the national key R & D Program "key technology of environmental protection pipeline transmission" and vice president of China Electric Power Research Institute, introduced this

when the transmission line encounters special geographical environmental conditions such as high drop and crossing rivers, the use of gas insulated pipeline for transmission has gradually become an important supplement to overhead lines in recent years. China Electric Power Research Institute organized Pinggao group, Xikai electric and other units to take the lead in developing sulfur hexafluoride insulated UHV (1000kV) transmission pipeline, which has been successfully applied in three substations of Huainan Nanjing Shanghai UHV AC project; At the same time, the SF6 mixed gas UHV transmission pipeline prototype independently developed by the State Grid Corporation of China was live tested in Wuhan UHV AC test base. China has accumulated many years of rich experience in the R & D and manufacturing of UHV switchgear, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of transmission pipelines using new environmentally friendly gases

at present, GE has applied the new environmental protection gas to 420kv transmission pipeline and achieved engineering application, declaring the feasibility of applying the new environmental protection gas to transmission pipeline. However, 1000kV environmental protection transmission pipeline has high voltage level, strict environmental protection and insulation requirements, and many factors need to be considered in design, manufacturing and operation. There is no relevant technology at home and abroad. "If the new environmental friendly insulating gas is applied to the UHV 1000kV voltage level, the problem of 'three saturation and one breakthrough' needs to be solved. With the increase of voltage level, the gap insulation, surface insulation and current carrying capacity tend to be saturated, and the mechanical strength is difficult to break through." Project leader gockley said

technical challenges

based on the research and development of 1000kV sulfur hexafluoride transmission pipeline, drawing on the research experience of 420kv new environmental protection gas transmission pipeline, the project has overcome the key technologies of environmental protection pipeline transmission, and developed a new environmental protection gas electronic universal experimental machine for 1000kV environmental protection transmission pipeline, which is pollution-free, low-noise, supporting insulator and transmission pipeline prototype. "The project needs to solve the contradiction between new gas insulation and environmental protection and the design problems of gas-solid insulation system based on new gas, and focus on breaking through the discharge law and gas-solid compatibility of gas-solid insulation system in environmental protection insulation gas, the key technology of design and manufacture of three pillar insulator for 1000kV Transmission Pipeline, and the operation and maintenance technology of environmental protection transmission pipeline." Zhouwenjun, the person in charge of the project, introduced

only a small number of potential sulfur hexafluoride substitute gases and mixed gases have been studied on the discharge characteristics of gas-solid insulation system at home and abroad. China has not yet mastered the new environmental protection mixed gas insulation technology, so it is necessary to carry out the research on discharge physical parameters, insulation characteristics and dielectric recovery characteristics. The compatibility of gas-solid materials is the premise to ensure the reliability of transmission pipelines. It is necessary to master the interaction law of new environmental protection gases and decomposed gases with solid materials, and put forward the regulation method of gas-solid compatibility

the transmission pipeline needs to bear multiple stress effects such as electricity, heat and force during operation. The group with the largest △ vs value of new environmental protection gas is a low-precision group, which makes it difficult to design the insulation, current flow and structural strength of environmental protection transmission pipeline and supporting insulator; The manufacturing process control, insulator surface morphology control and metal particle suppression inside the transmission pipeline of the three post insulator for 1000kV Transmission Pipeline are facing great challenges. It is necessary to overcome the design and manufacturing technology of the three post insulator of the 1000kV new environmental protection gas transmission pipeline, and provide key components for the development of the transmission pipeline unit prototype

the technologies of mixed preparation, performance detection, storage and transportation of new environmental protection gases, as well as fault detection and location, operation status monitoring and evaluation of transmission pipelines, are quite different from the existing sulfur hexafluoride and its equipment operation and maintenance technology. Aluminum for vehicle body is expected to usher in a period of rapid development. It is necessary to carry out research on operation and maintenance monitoring technology of new environmental protection gases to provide sufficient guarantee for the reliable operation of environmental protection transmission pipelines

around the above three scientific and key technical problems, the project carries out research on physical parameters and insulation characteristics of dielectric discharge of environmental protection insulating gas, compatibility of gas-solid materials in environmental protection gas and interface insulation performance, design and manufacturing technology of sinusoidal supporting insulator for high-grade digital incremental sensor used in 1000kV Transmission Pipeline, development and operation and maintenance technology of 1000kV environmental protection pipeline transmission system, etc

the project is expected to develop environmental protection insulating gas, pot insulator and three post insulator for 1000kV environmental protection transmission pipeline and 18m long transmission pipeline standard unit prototype. The gas insulation performance of the environmental protection gas used under the same pressure reaches 80% of sulfur hexafluoride, and the liquefaction temperature is not higher than -15 ℃. The research results of the project will provide strong support for solving the transmission bottleneck in UHV, long-distance and complex geographical environment, and can be popularized and applied to other power equipment, continue to lead the environmental friendly upgrading of equipment, and have significant economic and social benefits

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