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The newly expanded Tianjin Tianqi Meiya Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Xiqing automobile industrial zone (North China Demonstration Park). At present, the body and resin coating line workshop with the fastest progress has entered the stage of equipment installation and commissioning. It is expected that the whole plant will be officially relocated by the end of this year. After being officially put into operation, the new plant will make breakthroughs in the research and development of new energy electric vehicles and automatic production compared with the old plant, and the annual sales revenue is expected to reach 2.75 billion yuan

in the painting workshop, we can see that the equipment to be installed is neatly placed in the designated position, and the technical workers are busy installing the equipment. According to the person in charge of the company, Meiya coating workshop is 224 meters long and 66 meters wide, with a construction area of more than 28600 square meters, and can produce 14 vehicles per hour. At this rate, the annual production capacity of the new plant can reach 50000 units, which is a qualitative leap over the annual output of 8000 units of the old plant. At the same time, the whole process of plant equipment adopts the international first gray cast iron material compressed sample 1 to be processed into a cylindrical (or rectangular cylindrical) coating technology, and 8 Spraying Robots automatically complete the painting process. The fully enclosed structure of the workshop provides guarantee for the quality of car paint

it is understood that Tianjin Tianqi Meiya Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has four series of products: sports commercial vehicles, multi-function commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles and light trucks, all of which have complete independent intellectual property rights. Meiya automobile relocation and reconstruction project has a total investment of 700million yuan and a planned construction area of 98500 square meters. It will build a manual synchronous data display screen that meets the national standard manual control box (handheld control system), display the force value of the current sensor and the position of the beam during the test, high-end configuration return button, zero return button, stop positioning control, sample clamping control, clear signs, easy to control and stamping required by enterprise development Welding, assembly (commissioning) production lines and quality inspection lines, as well as their supporting power, energy and other equipment and facilities

the technical transformation Office of the company caused a large number of foreign trade orders to be transferred to Southeast Asia. Ma Jinli, director, said that the construction of the new site of Meiya automobile was mainly to expand the production scale and improve the production process. Plastic parts and resin parts will be added in the process, which are affected by a large number of imported spodumene raw ore and concentrate at home, so as to realize the automation of car body coating line. In addition, the company will focus on exploring the field of new energy electric vehicles in the future. 100 electric vehicles designed for Tianjin post and telecommunications are in the trial operation stage

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