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Research and development of agricultural plastic products in China

at present, agricultural plastic products in China include "Research on long-life multifunctional PE greenhouse film, multi-layer inflatable shed and supporting technology", "Research on controllable degradation film", "production of colored and black-and-white halo color recovery functional film with clear black-and-white layers with recycled PE material" Because there is always a small opening in the electro-hydraulic servo valve in the drawing process, "application technology of super absorbent resin in agriculture" and other topics

"research and development of new micro irrigation equipment"; At present, it has formed an annual production scale of 15000 tons of agricultural plastic water-saving irrigation equipment, and has passed ISO9001 quality certification. Among them, the thin economic drip irrigation belt has formed an annual production capacity of 800 tons and the pulse drip irrigation system has an annual production capacity of 160 tons, which has laid a solid foundation for industrialization

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