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Shanxi Jingchao company introduced Heidelberg speedpa SM74 printing machine on the morning of June 11, Jingchao company held its eighth anniversary celebration and introduced Heidelberg speedpa SM74, the largest printing machine model in Jincheng City, Shanxi Province. Li Zhanghong, vice mayor of Jincheng, attended the ceremony to congratulate him

Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74 printer has various configurations, ranging from the configuration with low automation and standard stack delivery to the fully automatic configuration with high stack delivery system. This means that each device can be customized according to the needs of users

in order to promote the development of the company, the consequences can be imagined. To improve the quality of printing products, Jingchao Co., Ltd. cooperated with the Beijing Representative Office of Heidelberg China Co., Ltd. to introduce the Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74 printing machine in Jincheng area, which has been officially put into operation through installation and commissioning

the introduction of Heidelberg speedpa SM74 printing machine by Jingchao company marks a major leap and historic breakthrough in the technological transformation and innovation of Jingchao company, which not only greatly improves the work efficiency and meets the broader business needs of customers whether the machine is often used or not, but also fills the gap that Jincheng city cannot print medium and high-end printing products

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