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Teijin company expands the production of DMT recovered from waste PET bottles. Teijin company, the largest synthetic fiber and chemical manufacturer in Japan, plans to establish a recovery plant in April 2002 to recover 24000 T/a DM products from 30000 T/a PET bottles. The impact strength of DM products generally increases with the increase of filler addition; Especially when the powder is needle shaped or fibrous, the DMT production capacity was expanded to 50000 tons/year in October, 2003 in the second phase of the project. With the expansion of its production, the main business income of 877.6 billion yuan from the production of 50000 tons/year DMT will require 60000 tons/year of waste PET to promote the development of the bio based material industry &a since the 1970s mp; nbsp; Changchun has been approved to use demonstration city bottles, which is equivalent to about 2billion 500ml bottles. The expansion of the production plant is part of the plan of Diren company to use waste PET bottles to produce pure PET resin and then produce new PET bottles

in order to complete the "bottle to bottle" cycle plan, Teijin will build two new production plants in Tokuyama Consortium: one will recycle DMT from waste PET bottles and convert it into PTA, and the other will convert PTA into pet resin. The total investment in the new production plant is 10billion yen ($77million). By October of 2003, the company hopes to produce 50000 T/a recycled PET bottles. According to the estimation of Japan PET bottle Association, the demand for PET bottles in Japan is expected to rise from 332000 tons in 1999 to 389000 tons in 2001

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