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The national quality foundation's common technology research and application project was officially launched

recently, the 2017 key projects of the national quality foundation (nqi) common technology research and application, "Research on key measurement technologies of large equipment and facilities" and "Research on Key Technologies of mechanical measurement based standard system in complex and extreme environments", were officially launched

"Research on key quantity measurement technology of large equipment and facilities" mainly studies the key quantity measurement technologies such as taking the average length of large equipment and facilities as the hardness value, mechanics and thermal engineering of test pieces. It is planned to establish three-dimensional measurement equipment calibration device, sinusoidal force calibration device, automatic deformation monitoring system based on satellite positioning and calibration system. The machinery manufacturing Institute of Shanghai Institute of metrology, Jinan Shijin Xiaobian, will share the installation method of electronic tensile testing machine with you. The measurement laboratory participates in the current project of "Research on calibration technology and traceability system of three-dimensional measurement equipment". The research group will make full use of the existing technical capacity of measurement, actively participate in the preparation of calibration specifications, and undertake the research and verification of calibration methods

"mechanics in complex and extreme environments sincerely welcomes users to contact us for research on Key Technologies of measurement based standard system" is mainly committed to solving the measurement traceability problems of complex and extreme quantities such as multi-component force and torque, multi-component vibration, multi-target speed and vibration, and large torque. It is planned to establish multi-target motion speed simulation standard device, multi-target vibration source positioning device 1mg-1g environmental particle quality detection device and 1g-10g environmental particle quality detection device. The quality Laboratory of Mechanical Manufacturing Institute of Shanghai Institute of Metrology participated in the project "Research on multi-objective motion and quality parameter measurement technology in complex environment". The research group will be committed to the accurate measurement of indicators such as motor vehicle overspeed snapshot, noise positioning and exhaust emission, and undertake the research and development task of 1g-10g Environmental Particulate quality detection device

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