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Preparation before decoration

I ordered wall and floor tiles and floors today, bought toilets and some wallpaper, and sorted out the total decoration budget after I came back, so that I can have a number in my heart, and see if I can control it later, which is also a balance adjustment for my later procurement. I hope I don't exceed the budget. The original budget was 100000 yuan for hard decoration. Now, the ordered and purchased ones are sorted out as follows. For those that have not been ordered and purchased, they are given a target price to control and balance. Ha ha ~ ~

hard decoration (on the determined and basically determined box):

1. Half package plus water and electricity for the decoration team: 35000 yuan

2. Cabinet (open): 10000

3. Floor heating (Danfoss): 17000 yuan

4. floor tiles, wall tiles (l&d) and floors (enofasai): 16000 yuan

5. Toilet (farnsa) purchased: 1199 yuan

6. basin (pre online shopping): 1500

7. Door: 6000 yuan

8. Sliding door: 5000 yuan

9. balcony sealing: 4500 yuan

10. smoke machine stove: 4000 yuan

11. Yuba: 1300 yuan

12. Lamp: 3000 yuan

13. Wallpaper: 1000 yuan

a total of 100000 yuan

hehe, in this way, my plan is exactly 100000! Is there anything else missing from the above? It's terrible to have! It can only be reduced by all parties! Some Xiaodong and Xiaoxi estimated the cost of the decoration team together. I hope I don't overspend. It can only exceed 5000 yuan. Hum ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

by the way, thinking of the more than 2000 expenses of the supervisor, I can't be sure about the soft decoration. With a plan, it's easy to control:

1. Master bedroom furniture (as a cloakroom, so only one TV cabinet and one five drawer cabinet, pre online shopping) and bed: 7000 yuan

2. Second bedroom: a desk, a bed and a five drawer cabinet, 5000 yuan

3. Study: writing desk, bookcase, sofa bed, 8000 yuan

4. Living room: TV cabinet, sofa, coffee table: 6000 yuan

5. Dining table: 2700 yuan

6. Curtain: 3000 yuan

7. TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave oven: 30000 yuan

a total of 61700 yuan, striving for no more than 60000 yuan. In fact, I only wanted to spend 50000 yuan before ~ ~ ~ ~, striving for 50000 yuan

during this period of time, as long as you have a rest, you can run around and compare everywhere. You find that the more you see, the more hesitant You are. It's really dazzling and people are particularly tired ~ ~, but it's good to turn around more. It's also a good thing that you can set the price of some things and feel at ease. If you have limited energy and time, you can start. I always believe that buying things is like buying and selling stocks. No matter how smart you are, you can't buy the lowest price

my bricks may be a little expensive, but in fact, I only think 9 l& D's black bricks are a little expensive. After discount, 84 yuan a piece is really expensive. Fortunately, only 9 pieces are exposed on the table! Balcony bricks are also a little expensive, but the ones installed on the wall are better, which is not easy to change

my balcony, bathroom and kitchen all use the same bricks, which are the same color as the ground. I don't like bricks of different colors everywhere. It looks fresh

the floor still ordered anofasai, a light colored composite that is very fresh and a little like bamboo. The thickness of 0.8mm should also be more suitable for electric floor heating. This kind of dirt resistant and wear-resistant (the surface is uneven and concave convex), and the price is also very cheap. It is suitable for matching dark furniture (I may choose matte black furniture (especially the study, which is stable and modern at our age), and light color matching will also be good. The whole is close to the floor tile, without large differentiation and transition

TX, look at my budget and supervise me~~~~~~




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