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The rise in the price of raw materials has led to a certain increase in the price of building materials terminal commodities

rising prices will definitely reduce the needs of shopping malls, which makes many agents headache; The owners who have purchased houses are spending more rationally or constrained by spending, delaying the home decoration plan, and then causing the sales of sliding doors in major shopping malls to be tepid

the battle has sounded the horn, so we can't wait to die. At present, insiders generally believe that as long as innovative operation is the sharp weapon to break out of the siege, Guanhao doors and windows believes that sliding door agents must learn three innovative operation methods

1. Professional operation

profession represents a height. Many sliding door agents do not have a strong understanding of specialization. In the process of development, they constantly enter unfamiliar commodity categories and often replace brands, resulting in a lot of waste of operating resources. Now is the era of hypermarket competition. When integrating brands of various formats, hypermarkets are more like a systematic group company, which completes the division of labor and cooperation internally. In this system, agents should accurately complete their own division of labor and specialization, and strive to become the preferred "supporting" of this system, so as to improve their own competitive advantages in differentiation under the operation of stores

2. Branding implementation

generally speaking, medium and high-end costs are attributed to branding costs. Therefore, after acting for a brand, the sliding door agent must not only analyze the characteristics of local shopping malls with the manufacturer, but also establish a brand communication system plan. Only by establishing a brand in the region can we ensure that agents have better sales results. In addition, it is very necessary to communicate with stores in the implementation. Because the large platform of stores can be considered that agents provide many small platforms for operation, some low-profile sliding door brands have just become regional strong brands through benign cooperation with stores

3. Humanized service

with the development of society, people's shopping needs are not only determined in commodities, but also in the service of commodities, which greatly affects people's purchase and selection. Employees should learn to use service to move customers. In the sliding door profession where the service is relatively lagging, high-level service is very simple, improve the customer's return rate, and finally turn them into loyal customers. The service that can move customers will surely retain their hearts





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