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The first phase of Fudi East Lake International was opened in 2009, and the seventh phase will be opened in June 2017. Fudi East Lake International is located on the Bank of Dadong lake. Fudi East Lake International sits on the three bridges, two tunnels and double subways. The 11.8 billion Dongsha connection project, the bridge is open to traffic, the Shahu bridge is completed, and the guoguohu tunnel is open to traffic. 16 bus lines pass by. The subway line 4 qingyuzui station has been opened to traffic, while the subway line 8 is expected to be opened to traffic in 2017, and the Central South North Road is expected to be fully upgraded within the year, Many municipal roads within the project are also expected to be completed in June, and the internal and external traffic will be upgraded simultaneously

the internal supporting facilities of Fudi East Lake International are still in full swing. Wuchang experimental primary school, one of the key public primary schools in Hubei Province, has specially introduced two international kindergartens and famous demonstration middle schools. The 12-year one-stop education has retained about 2000 century old trees in old Wu, built a tree lined Park, and matched with modern window views. About 8000 square meters of five-star East Lake class sports hall, with star constant temperature swimming pool, gym, badminton hall, billiard room, yoga hall, etc., about 3000 square meters of open-air Sports Park, basketball, tennis equipment square arranged around the huge truss of Wuhan heavy industry style, which is unique

in recent years, it has provided decoration services for many owners of Fudi East Lake International (Fudi East Lake International Decoration Group purchase). According to the feedback of the owners, the decoration effect is still good. The seventh phase of Fudi East Lake International is about to open. I have compiled some decoration effect maps of Fudi East Lake International, please enjoy them




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