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[Yihe doors and windows] with the continuous improvement of people's economy and consumption power, their demand has also become gradually diversified. Coupled with the replacement of new consumer groups in the new era, the demand for personalized products has become more unbearable. Seeing the current sunshine housing market, consumers are gradually taking the initiative. Therefore, how to deal with the changing diversified needs, sunshine house manufacturers must create a killer mace

the importance of innovation

nowadays, many consumers are looking forward to the emergence of their commonalities. Consumers have different needs for the color, function and style of sunshine room. Under the condition of diversified consumption needs, customized sunshine room came into being. According to insiders, Chinese consumers have experienced the rapid promotion of their material career. When the "material desire" subsides, they have a request for the morality of their career, and reflect on the beginning of their career, the plan begins to be useful, and gradually becomes the soul of sunshine house manufacturers. Seeking commonness is no longer a matter of "Commonness", but a trend in the industry

innovative marketing opens up the market

markets such as Jianghu, marketing is like swordsmanship. In addition to opening different product plans, sunshine house manufacturers should also strengthen marketing innovation. First of all, sunshine house manufacturers refine image points. Advertisements without images are boiled water without stomachs; Secondly, the terminal is lively, which makes the advertisement flexible and lively, makes people feel intimate, and automatically wants to get close, so that customers can get the month first. Therefore, it is also the best choice for sunshine house factory to open a way out for household innovative marketing

in general, innovation is the soul of an enterprise. If sunshine house manufacturers want to grow, they must continue to meet the needs of customers and combine the latest product skills and management methods into the business growth of the enterprise. Therefore, no enterprise can do without innovation. Sunshine house manufacturers should make full preparations to respond to the increasingly diversified consumer market. Product innovation and marketing form innovation are essential

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