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Richard Murphy: Why new report on Scotland's industrial future misses the point - Today News Post Today News || UK News

THERE seems to be some unity amongst Scottish think tanks this week. Sir Tom Hunter’s Foundation?and Common Weal?are both calling for a new industrial strategy for Scotland. It’s something that will be echoed in party manifestos.

But there is a problemspecial_label. Calling for a strategy is one thing. Getting one right is another. The Hunter report quite spectacularly misses the point. The demand is that Scotland cut taxes in the future to encourage business expansion. This fails to note that even the current UK Government is now admitting that its tax cuts did not deliver any significant new investmentEssential workers in factories. They’re also failing to note that the US is also calling for a 21% minimum global corporation tax rate, which removes almost all scope for manoeuvre on this issue in Scotland. So all they are really suggesting is a plan to cut the taxes of the wealthiest that will just increase inequality in Scotland, whilst requiring government austerity, which is an outcome no sane person wants. The political right is bankrupt of ideas thenBrabeck said..

Common Weal dues much better, but I will admit to bias. Common Weal wants a Green New Deal for Scotland, and as one of the authors of the very first proposal for a Green New Deal back in 2008, and as one of those who kept the idea going through the barren years from 2010 to 2017 when no one wanted to talk about this issue, of course I think they are right to demand this.? RELATED: Interactive map: Find out how many Covid-19 cases there are in your area of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire - Evening Express

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