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China's optoelectronic building applications will speed up

Jinjing solar ultra white glass press conference and BIPV development strategy seminar were grandly held in Shanghai World Financial Center a few days ago. Nearly a thousand experts, scholars and insiders from home and abroad in decoration design, building materials and coatings, construction engineering and other fields participated in the seminar. The domestic and foreign enterprises participating in the seminar included nearly 100 companies, including American applied materials, DuPont solar energy, Swiss eurekon, Japan ULVAC, ENN photovoltaic, tin free Suntech, Seville LDK, Nantong Johnson & Johnson, Zhejiang Chint, variety photovoltaic, green energy technology, Yutong solar energy, Germany Solarworld, etc, Well known solar photovoltaic equipment and thin-film battery manufacturers also attended the conference

at the meeting, the participants had extensive and in-depth exchanges on the excellent performance of Jinjing solar ultra white glass and the integration of building photovoltaic, discussed how to achieve building environmental protection and energy conservation, and reached a consensus

under the situation of increasing global energy shortage, as an industry person who is interested in the development and utilization of renewable energy, he should take on the role of society. 1. Regularly review whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source, and shoulder the most important task of the development of China's photovoltaic industry. This meeting provided a platform for the majority of solar energy enterprises and curtain wall companies. 3. There must be less dust in the house. 1. It will certainly promote the benign development of China's photovoltaic industry, especially BIPV. It is believed that taking this meeting as the starting point, the application of optoelectronic building integration in China will develop rapidly, and the application prospect of solar ultra white glass and other related materials will be broader

Jinjing solar ultra white glass is the most mature Taiyang ultra white glass in China, which has been successfully developed and mass produced by Shandong Jinjing Technology Co., Ltd. through technology research and independent innovation in response to the national strategic deployment and policy requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction and vigorously developing new energy. It has successively passed the technical verification of relevant authoritative departments. Due to its high solar transmittance and good mechanical properties, Jinjing solar ultra white glass is widely used in all solar photovoltaic building fields, such as amorphous silicon thin film cells, crystalline silicon battery packaging covers, solar thermal panels, solar water heaters, solar photovoltaic buildings, etc. at present, it has been exported to more than a dozen countries in Europe and the United States. Jinjing solar ultra white glass has become another pass for Jinjing technology to go global after it continues to build ultra white glass

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