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Oracle and Mitsubishi jointly develop the intelligent manufacturing IOT platform

Oracle (the situation increasingly needs Oracle) recently announced that it will cooperate with Mitsubishi Electric to develop the intelligent manufacturing IOT platform. According to markets insider, Mitsubishi Electric and Oracle cloud have developed fa-it open platform for factory automation. Due to the adoption of edge cloud technology, data from manufacturing sites can be collected, analyzed and used more quickly

now manufacturers have adopted industry 4.0 to optimize the whole manufacturing process, and use IOT to collect the data of all plant equipment, so as to complete visualization and analysis. Fa-it open platform is convenient for suppliers to develop manufacturing applications, such as connecting the platform and industrial networks to collect data of various devices and production equipment. The platform can also be connected to cloud support manufacturing optimization services of cloud suppliers

fa-it open platform supports Oracle database cloud, Oracle Java cloud, Oracle Bi cloud, Oracle IOT cloud, Oracle IOT production monitoring cloud, Oracle SOA cloud and Oracle infrastructure, where: n - octave (OCT) e as a service

oracle IOT cloud will receive real-time data from machines and production terminals, and complete efficient real-time data processing through an extensible architecture. The choice of the model of Mitsubishi Electric assembly o electronic universal testing machine definitely requires the strong force value to be tested. The strong force value is below 2Kn. Generally, the single column electronic tensile testing machine after 20 years of honing is selected From 2Kn to 50kn1, the bench top electronic tensile testing machine with double columns is generally selected. Above 50kN, the machine learning technology of the floor electronic universal material testing machine race database cloud, the notification function of Oracle Bi cloud and the cost-effective Oracle cloud infrastructure are selected to analyze the collected big data and develop factory automation solutions for customers

Mitsubishi Electric, e- F@ctory The concept is expected to reduce the cost of product development, production and maintenance. Based on edge computing, fa-it open platform accelerates the application of IOT in intelligent manufacturing. In addition to incorporating Oracle cloud services, it will cooperate with more technology companies to jointly develop other applications in the future

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