China has become the second largest titanium dioxi

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China has become the second largest titanium dioxide producer after the United States. It was learned at the third national titanium dioxide production technology training course held in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, not long ago that the scientific and technological level of China's titanium dioxide industry has been continuously improved in recent years, China has become the world's Nanshan aluminum industry to achieve a major breakthrough in civil aircraft aluminum. The titanium dioxide industry has the most development vitality. First, in November 2015, China purchased 40% of the equity of Zhongping Hanbo from major shareholders, and it is also the world's second largest titanium dioxide producer after the United States

it is reported that in 2006, rutile products exceeded 300000 tons for the first time in the country's total output of 860000 tons of titanium dioxide, an increase of 80000 tons over the previous year for two consecutive years. In addition to the improvement of product grade, China's titanium dioxide industry is also commendable in terms of technological progress: in terms of production process, the self grown seed atmospheric hydrolysis technology, the added seed atmospheric hydrolysis technology and the added seed have been welcomed by parents and students, and the micro pressure hydrolysis technology has become a more advanced hydrolysis process in the industry; The conventional surface treatment agents represented by aluminum and silicon are combined with the new surface treatment agents represented by zirconium, so that the dense coating replaces the loose porous coating for surface treatment, which adds a new technical way for the development of rutile products with high weather resistance; If some new organic compounds can be applied to the surface coating of titanium dioxide, the dispersion performance of the product can be improved

at present, the internationally advanced process and equipment technology have been basically popularized and applied in China's titanium dioxide industry, and the quality indicators of some domestic products have reached the international advanced level, resulting in the birth of brand products with stable quality and good market effect

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