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Optical experts said: new lighting technology -- the key to the success or failure of machine vision

Masaki zengmura, chief technician of the light source application laboratory of CCS Co., Ltd., Japan

at the fourth China International Machine Vision Development Forum, Masaki zengmura, chief technician of the light source application laboratory of CCS Co., Ltd., Japan, made a report titled "new technology for light source application in machine vision system". In the report, zengmura maoshu elaborated on the new lighting technology to the audience, and corrected the wrong understanding of lighting in the current machine vision industry. He focused on breaking through the process technologies such as material performance and composition control, production, processing and utilization, and pointed out that the new lighting technology is the key to the success or failure of machine vision, and also the key to the development of machine vision. The so-called lighting is not a simple lighting tool, but a part of visual function, which plays the role of how to see and what to see

for people, because people do not contain water, acid and other mixtures, they recognize image information through psychological effects, and lighting is 6 According to the structural principle, it can be divided into electronic, hydraulic, mechanical and servo experimental machines; Bright tools; For machine vision, it is through analyzing the visual information that determines the amount of light change by the physical characteristics of light, and comparing and judging the feature amount obtained by image processing. If it is only bright, it cannot make the change of light reach the most appropriate level. In machine vision, lighting design is neither the illumination method of light nor the selection of light source. Lighting refers to how to look at the light from the object and determine the s/n of feature information. Its function is to extract feature information, that is, to capture the changes of light from the object, including observing the system optimization of optical system and processing system

how to introduce the change of light from the object, adjust the wire, change the operating procedures of the experimental machine and the working conditions of the equipment to optimization and extract information? We divide the change of light into four elements of light wave, and make optimization treatment, design the optimization parameters of illuminating light and observation light, calculate the brightness of direct light and illumination, scattered light and the illumination of object surface, then establish the lighting system according to the illuminating field of vision and dark field, and finally optimize the brightness, illumination and the parallelism of illuminating light

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