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Optical fiber breaks through the existing transmission distance limit

analyze the reason why the transmission interface cable moves towards optical fiber, and extending the transmission distance of the existing copper cable is the biggest incentive. However, the optical fiber cannot be too bent and the congenital limitation of high cost makes the transmission interface introduced into optical fiber have a small application range. Analyze the reason why the transmission interface cable moves towards the optical fiber, and extend the transmission distance of the existing copper cable is the biggest inducement. However, the optical fiber cannot be too bent and the congenital limitation of too high cost makes the transmission interface of the imported optical cable have a small application range. In short, unbending and power supply are two major challenges for optical cables

after the mass production of high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) optical cable, Intel (Intel) took over and released thunderbolt active optical cable (AOC) at the American Media Exhibition (NAB). The realization of thunder is still a big problem faced by manufacturers. The plan of rbolt optical cable. Weifeng electronics and optical fiber industry are also expected to exhibit the third generation universal serial bus (USB3.0) using optical cable at Computex this year

optical fiber breaks through the existing transmission distance limit

because the transmission rate of various transmission interfaces has reached more than gbit/s, the problem of signal attenuation in cable transmission distance is more serious than in the past, all less than 10 meters, so the use of optical fiber will effectively solve the problem of transmission distance. Huang Zhongcheng, product marketing manager of Intel Asia Pacific technology marketing service business group, said that at this stage, some manufacturers plan to use Thunderbolt to create seamless digital home theater image transmission, but the thunderbolt transmission distance using copper cable is only 2 meters, which will become a bottle neck in practical operation

in fact, not only does thunderbolt want to explore new application markets with longer cables, but also USB3.0, HDMI and other transmission interfaces have the same intention. In addition to the HDMI optical cable launched by Huanlong, Yuanjie technology, Hitachi, Avago, opticis and other enterprises, USB3.0 optical cable will also be launched with the efforts of Weifeng electronics, Yuanjie technology, opticis and other manufacturers

Guo Dawei, marketing director of siliconimage, an American manufacturer, pointed out that the signal attenuation and electromagnetic interference (EMI) derived from ultra-high transmission rate have made it impossible for copper cables to increase the transmission distance of their cables. For example, 7 meters of HDMI copper cables have reached the limit, but some applications, such as home theatres and large viewing halls, cover a wide range of areas. Therefore, HDMI developers have already introduced optical cables to expand the transmission distance from to meters, Some manufacturers even launched 150 meter HDMI optical cables

as for DisplayPort, there is no plan to launch optical cables. Zhuzhenmeng, product marketing manager of STMicroelectronics' Greater China and South Asia consumer products division, said that the existing transmission distance and rate of DisplayPort version 1.2 can meet the current demand of 99.9% of the image transmission market. Therefore, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has not yet clarified the specifications of optical cables used by DisplayPort

the trend of optical fiber of transmission interface creates new business opportunities

the optical fiber of high-speed transmission interface cable not only benefits the development of optical fiber enterprises, but also brings new business opportunities to semiconductor manufacturers. Lin Shiyuan, marketing manager of high-performance analog products for market development of Texas Instruments (TI) in Asia, said that the use of optical cables requires the conversion of electronic signals in the transmission interface into optical signals, and then into electronic signals after reaching the destination. 2. Conductive modified engineering plastics

at present, telecommunications enterprises that convert backbone networks into optical fibers have begun to put forward demands for optical signal converters. It is expected that after the rapid development of high-speed transmission interface optical cables, the demand for converters, re drivers and other components will also rise. Texas Instruments can use the products used in telecommunications networks at this stage to the application field of personal computer high-speed transmission interfaces

inflexibility and power supply become two major challenges of optical cables

in view of the development of optical fiber transmission interfaces, Lin Mingxian, director of business development of transwitch, believes that thunderbolt has a high transmission rate of 10gbit/s. It is expected that the flat sample jaw 0 (2) 0mm1 of the municipal universal tensile testing machine locked by this technology will not only have real-time image transmission, so it is necessary to develop optical cables, but it must be noted that the optical fibers cannot be excessively bent, So as not to affect the signal transmission and the failure of power supply

Lin Mingxian further emphasized that the biggest disadvantage of optical fiber is that it will break if it is bent a little, and it will not be able to transmit signals. If it encounters a corner during the construction, it is quite troublesome. At present, the only manufacturer with the research and development ability of bendable optical fiber materials is Corning. On the other hand, due to the high cost of optical fiber, the high-speed transmission interface of optical fiber can only lock in the high-end market. Huang Zhongcheng believes that at present, ordinary users do have low demand for long-distance transmission interface cables, so the market of optical cable thunderbolt has not been fully developed. Guo Dawei also admitted that due to the high cost of optical fiber, there are still few HDMI cable users at present

although the application of transmission interface optical cable is still not at this stage, the future development direction of the experimental machine will become more and more environmentally friendly, and the acceptance of general consumers also needs to be improved. However, the use of optical cable has become the recent development focus of high-speed transmission interface manufacturers

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