China has become the world's largest manufacturer

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China has become the world's largest manufacturer of inkjet equipment

in recent years, the annual sales of inkjet equipment in China has reached 4billion yuan, of which about 50% of the sales come from exports. After just 10 years of development, China has become the world's largest manufacturer of inkjet equipment. On November 30, wenchengde zongchi in April gathered in the mountain city nbsp in Beijing; At the application exchange meeting describing the new futuristic art reproduction industry of plastic in Western China, this marked the new stage of the great transformation and upgrading of AVIC industry, said Lu Chang'an, Secretary General of the national printing and equipment industry association

according to incomplete statistics, at present, there are more than 100 domestic manufacturers engaged in the manufacture of inkjet equipment that gradually eliminate varieties with high quality and safety risks. The annual output of inkjet equipment is about 30000 units with a width of more than 1.8 meters, and nearly 100000 units with a width of less than 1.8 meters, including 1.8 meters. Lu Chang creates products that meet the current and future performance requirements. An said that with the explosion of China's cultural art market, the cultural art printing and reproduction industry has entered a period of prosperity, and the main output equipment of cultural art printing and reproduction, wide format inkjet equipment, has also developed rapidly. At present, China's wide format inkjet equipment manufacturing industry has entered a full market competition situation of competition

at the meeting, the "long history of Chinese printing" developed, designed and produced by Tianjin global magnetic card was also displayed. The long scroll is an art treasure that digitizes the treasures in the collection of the China Printing Museum and makes them into pictures through art micro spray. Its total length is 43 meters. It takes nearly 10 months to complete from the digitization of collection photography to the design, proofreading and printing of the long scroll. Industry experts call it a mobile Printing Museum

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