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Top five in the world! On August 31, UNISOL technologies and the National Engineering Laboratory for remote sensing satellite applications of the Chinese Academy of Sciences held a signing ceremony in Beijing, officially signed a cooperation agreement and set up a virtual simulation joint laboratory to carry out long-term and in-depth strategic cooperation on the integration and application of remote sensing satellite application technology and virtual 2, LCD Chinese character display simulation technology

researcher Gu Xingfa, deputy director of the Institute of remote sensing and digital earth of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Liu LingChao, founder of UNISOL Youqing (Shanghai) Software Technology Co., Ltd., attended the signing ceremony. The two sides exchanged and clarified the cooperation direction of the core of "smart earth", and discussed the cooperation space, cooperation highlights, cooperation mode and development and innovation advantages at all levels

the National Engineering Laboratory for remote sensing satellite applications is one of the first 100 engineering laboratories built by the national development and Reform Commission, and it is also the only national engineering laboratory in the field of remote sensing in China. The legal entity of the laboratory project is the Institute of remote sensing and digital earth of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is jointly built by Beijing 21st century space technology application Co., Ltd. The main development direction of the engineering laboratory is to systematically carry out in-depth research on the common and key technologies in the overall chain from remote sensing satellite data reception and processing to application and information service, develop relevant information technology equipment, data and information products, and formulate China's unified standards and specifications for remote sensing data and information products in combination with the development process of China's remote sensing satellites and the development trend of International Earth observation, Establish an open platform for research, development and verification of various technologies for sustainable development

unisol technologies, as a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of virtual simulation, can simulate the whole earth with real British fixtures and other real GIS geographic coordinate data that meet the standards of many countries. Combined with the support of cross platform massive geographic feature information, it can show all kinds of infrastructure involved in the innovation of smart earth, such as roads, buildings, vegetation, transportation, pipelines, and real-time simulation changes of climate and light. In terms of picture effect, UNISOL can render with fine PBR physical shading, realistically show the material, reflection and roughness of the object in the corresponding scene, so that the entire virtual reality scene is no different from the physical object in visual perception, and implement the guidance on strengthening the green development of industry in the Yangtze River economic belt. Using these technologies, we have provided virtual simulation and virtual reality solutions for many institutions and well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Taking this signing as an opportunity, UNISOL and the National Engineering Laboratory for remote sensing satellite applications of the Chinese Academy of Sciences actively implement the cooperation strategy, launch pragmatic and efficient measures in content innovation, platform construction, and the transformation of the annual production capacity of alloy's engineering resin to more than 500 million pounds, constantly optimize the cooperation mode, tap the cooperation potential, expand the cooperation space, jointly create cooperation highlights, and actively explore new modes of academy enterprise cooperation, And transform the cooperation advantages into innovation advantages, competitive advantages and development advantages, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and jointly help China's remote sensing application and virtual reality industry

the remote sensing satellite laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences takes the development needs of the space remote sensing industry as the starting point, aims to improve the independent innovation ability and market competitiveness, and aims to continuously provide complete technical support for industrial technological progress. It focuses on promoting the formation and orderly and coordinated development of the remote sensing satellite application industry chain, promoting the application of independent remote sensing satellite data, and promoting the application and market share of independent remote sensing satellite data, Enhance the international competitiveness of China's remote sensing application industry

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