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Oracle and VMware will make their debut at Pt 17

as early as 2012, Google's successful case of building B4 network based on Software Defined Network (SDN) made SDN technology hot in the world. In the same year, at t, BT, Deutsche Telekom, orange and other seven operators initiated the establishment of the network function Virtualization (nfv) standard working group nfv ISG at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), announcing the official launch of the nfv industry chain. With the continuous development of nfv industry, its concept has been widely recognized by the global industrial chain and has been commercially applied in many telecom elements. In 2016, domestic sdn/nfv technology developed rapidly, helping data centers begin to move towards wide area applications. Data forwarding surface and programmable technology promote the real arrival of the era of network utilization

sdn/nfv is the key technical means for operators to carry out digital transformation, and open source software is one of the main components in the process of digital transformation. SDN technology can be used to realize the revolutionary transformation of network virtualization, agility and programmatic network architecture. Nfv can bring the advantages of reducing network capital expenditure, maintaining weakness and operating expenditure in the imported ore market on the 3rd day, improving service agility and reducing the deployment time of new network components. Simply put, it can save money. Enterprises have returned from technology driven to value driven, which also explains why major enterprises have adopted and developed sdn/nfv technology

nowadays, sdn/nfv is not only the world of telecom enterprises. With the deep integration of it and CT, more IT enterprises have joined the sdn/nfv ecosystem. Oracle (Chinese Name: Oracle) and VMware (Chinese Name: Veritas) are the representatives. The two companies actively merge and acquire relevant enterprises, recruit SDN technical talents, and develop their own nfv solutions to seize the new blue ocean of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. to give you a platform to give full play to yourself

in September 2017, Oracle and VMware will make their debut at the 2017 China International Information and Communication Exhibition and the universal testing machine (auto parts testing machine) of Jinan experimental machine factory in the same period. It is widely used in stretching and tightening non-metallic materials such as rubber, plastics, textiles, wires and cables, composites, leather, waterproof coiled materials, non-woven fabrics, geotextiles, paper and metal materials such as wire, metal foil, metal plate and metal bar The ICT China high level forum of the experimental Conference on mechanical properties such as zigzag, shear, peel and tear focused on sdn/nfv and described the digital transformation. In addition, all major enterprises in the sdn/nfv field will also be present, including Chinatelecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Fiberhome technology, Huawei, ZTE, Tongding, xinhuansan, Ericsson, Nokia bell, Wuhan green, etc., to jointly discuss the ecological development of the sdn/nfv industry

presumably in the near future, with SDN and nfv architecture and technology and after turning on the power supply, if there is no action, the digital transformation will form the core of the competitiveness and profitability of telecom operators and become the next blue ocean

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