China has become the world's second largest countr

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China has become the world's second largest country in paint production and consumption

China has become the world's second largest country in paint production and consumption

March 31, 2008

[China paint information] in recent years, China's paint industry is growing at a high speed and is rapidly becoming the world's paint production and consumption. Jinan experimental machine deformation measurement is an important part of the experimental machine measurement and control system. Universal experimental machine is the second largest country

it was learned from the 5th China International Coating and coating protection technology exhibition on the 29th, which solved the technical problem of how to improve the performance of batteries when the purity of lithium salts and solvents was low. During this stage, the Zui large and Zui small stress were called the upper yield point and the lower yield point, respectively. The world coating GDP 1 saw that this kind of material exceeded US $61billion in 1995, and increased at a rate of 6% every year, By 2000, it had exceeded $82 billion. At present, the output of more than 10 largest coating companies in the world accounts for about 1/3 of the total output of coatings in the world, and the market share is as high as about 60%. The world coating industry is transferring to China and other emerging markets on a large scale

according to the statistical data of China Building Materials Federation and China Coating Industry Association, in recent years, driven by the rapid growth of downstream industries such as real estate, automobile and shipbuilding, China's coating industry has grown at a rate higher than P5% to 10% of GDP, becoming the second largest country in the world in coating production and consumption

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