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When the opportunity comes, the domestic xylene market stops falling and rebounds

when the opportunity comes, the domestic xylene market stops falling and rebounds

August 28, 2018

the recent overall negotiation activities in the domestic xylene market have shown the trend of bottoming out and rebounding. Jiemei will release the 2014 annual human rights report until the closing on the 23rd. The main market price in East China has risen to yuan/ton (solvent) and yuan/ton (isomerism), The price rose by yuan/ton compared with the same period last week. Crude oil and the expectation of reduced supply are the main factors leading to the market's rise

on the one hand, as the improvement of market risk sentiment has supported risky assets such as crude oil, and the fall of the US dollar has also provided more help for the rise of crude oil prices, coupled with the stimulation of comprehensive positive factors such as the overall bullish US crude oil inventory report, the continued rise of crude oil this week has had a more positive impact on the xylene market and improved market sentiment to a large extent, This has strengthened the reluctance of traders to sell

on the other hand, affected by the tight and rising prices in the US dollar market and the fluctuation of the RMB exchange rate, the incoming supply of xylene has decreased significantly recently, and the commercial inventory in the main port of East China has decreased by 3000 to 45000 tons compared with last week. Moreover, due to the large upside down space of the internal and external disks at present, the market is expected to reduce import resources in the future. Therefore, under the influence of the tightening expectation of the supply side, the market's intention to bargain hunting has gradually increased, And promote the rapid rise of the price level of Chinese coatings

however, as the price rises, the market buying follow-up is weak. Considering the recent low price in the northern market and the constraints of factors such as the lack of enthusiasm for commercial oil transfer activities, some traders tend to focus on short-term operations. Near the weekend, affected by some profit taking cash out activities, the market will be restricted to a certain extent, and the market rally may ease up

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