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China has become the second largest robot market in the world after Japan. I think with the strong support of national policies, the robot industry will usher in explosive growth. Recently, the 2013 International Intelligent IOT Robot Industry Summit Forum was held in Jiaozuo. Tang Zhimin, Secretary of the Party committee of the Chinese Academy of personnel Sciences, said that new industries will bring new employment opportunities, and the competition in high-tech industries is essentially the competition of talents. College graduates are the main source of talent resources in our country. Guiding college graduates to work in strategic emerging industries after the experimental machine is loaded is not only conducive to the development of strategic emerging industries, but also conducive to solving the employment problem of college graduates

it is understood that 70% of the global robot sales last year were concentrated in five countries, namely Japan, China, the United States, South Korea and Germany. China has become the second largest robot market in the world after Japan

on August 9, the foundation of barrow science and Technology Park, China's largest and reassuring home intelligent robot R & D and production base, began to be laid. This means that domestic intelligent robots for a better life have entered the field of large-scale production in China. Its exemplary role will accelerate the construction of domestic robot industrialization base and scientific research base in China, so as to promote more college students to obtain employment in related fields involved in the new industry

at present, the competition for the settlement of robot projects has become a competition for emerging manufacturing industries around the world. The domestic manufacturing industry has entered a period of explosive growth for the industrial robot industry out of the demand for the transformation from labor costs and automated production. The robot industry bases in Chongqing, Tianjin, Kunshan, Qingdao, Shenyang, Zhongshan and other places have sprung up

on June 22 this year, the educational equipment research and development center of the Ministry of Education organized a preparatory meeting for the national robot education alliance, which plans to establish an educational robot enterprise alliance to unite manufacturers and enterprises producing educational robots nationwide, and gradually reach a consensus on robot education goals, discipline planning and construction, product standardization and other issues. Colleges and universities in Shenzhen, Harbin, Hebei, Beijing and other places have also begun to cooperate with enterprises to guide college students into the robot R & D industry

I think the government should encourage and guide college graduates to work in strategic emerging industries and small, medium and micro enterprises to meet the talent needs of these industries and enterprises. Tang Zhimin said that at present and for some time to come, the total employment pressure of college graduates in China is still relatively large, structural contradictions are still relatively prominent, and the employment situation is relatively severe. This year, the document issued by the State Council Office on college graduates is not worth the loss. It clearly puts forward to give full play to the pulling effect of the development of strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, modern service industries and modern agriculture on college graduates, including intelligent IOT and robot industries

Xia Qing, the founder of the discovery who has been engaged in Entrepreneurship and Employment Research of college students for a long time, said at the forum that paying attention to the employment opportunities brought by the new high-tech industry requires the government, colleges and universities, leading enterprises, training institutions and the media to combine up and down, so as to effectively break the bottleneck of the difficult employment of college students and the lack of talents in high-tech enterprises. At this forum, Ziguang Youlan, Xinhua Wenxuan, and CCTV International were found to have jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly launch the robot assisted innovation and employment project for 10000 college students

how many entrepreneurship and employment opportunities can new industries bring to college students? Shen Hongrui, vice president of Ziguang Youlan, said that IOT goes beyond the communication between people and information. It extends the communication connection between people to people and between things. In the company, you can command the electric cooker at home to start cooking, turn on the air conditioner at home, let the water heater put bath water for you, and see whether the child is learning or playing games. The core center of all this is a robot, And related product research and development, production, marketing, shopping guide, after-sales service all need college students. In the next five years, with the rapid development of this industry, it is expected to provide at least 200000 relevant jobs

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