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Optimization and upgrading CIMT 2015 came to a successful conclusion

from April 20 to 25, 2015, with the warm spring breeze, representatives of well-known enterprises in the global machine tool manufacturing industry gathered in Beijing to witness the grand occasion of the 14th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (cimt2015). The exhibition was founded in 1989, hosted by China Machine Tool Industry Association and co hosted by China International Exhibition Center Group

after more than 20 years, with the careful cultivation of the main organizer and the joint efforts of relevant partners and colleagues in the industry, the scale of CIMT exhibition has been expanding, and the brand status and industry influence have been improved one by one. The theme of this exhibition is new normal? The new development accurately and clearly reflects the development status and market characteristics of the machine tool industry, and reflects the exhibition background of cimt2015

in terms of the scale of this exhibition, cimt2015 uses all eight pavilions (halls E1, E2, E3, E4, W1, W2, W3, W4) of Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall), and has built eight temporary pavilions (halls e5~e12) on the east side of the exhibition hall, with a total exhibition area of 131000 square meters, and the exhibition scale has set a new record. A total of 1554 machine tool manufacturers from 28 countries and regions including China, Germany, Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Italy and Taiwan, China of China participated in the exhibition, with domestic and foreign exhibitors accounting for 50% of the exhibition area respectively

in terms of exhibitors, the world's top machine tool manufacturers gathered in cimt2015. Not only the well-known machine tool manufacturers in China, such as Shenyang machine tool, Dalian machine tool, Ji'er, Qinchuan, Beiyi, Wuzhong, Shangji, Chongqing machine tool, Ningjiang machine tool, Ningbo Haitian, were all absent, but also demajisen precision machine, Yamazaki Mazak, Tiantian, Okuma, Emak, tongkuai, Haas, MAG, Gleason, henglun, KUKA, abb Fanuc, Siemens, THK, Sandvik, hexcon, Zeiss and other world-renowned machine tool manufacturers also attended

under the careful organization and vigorous publicity of the organizers, the number of visitors and person times of this exhibition reached a record high. The exhibition was held for 6 days and received 315485 professional visitors, with a year-on-year increase of 11.06%; Among them, 176617 visitors, an increase of 9.35% year-on-year; The number of visitors reached 130918, a year-on-year increase of 10.56%. User groups from key user fields such as automobile, aerospace and rail transit have conducted in-depth visits and inspections to the exhibition, with more than 200 professionals in the automobile delegation alone. During the exhibition, the organizer held a demand docking symposium with user representatives of internal combustion engine and other industries. According to the organizer's survey, domestic exhibitors are 91.5% satisfied with the quality of visitors, 85.1% satisfied with the number of visitors, and 85.3% satisfied with the trade results

cimt2015 can be called a fully upgraded exhibition. No matter the top-level design or the implementation of details, no matter the organizational form or activity content, no matter the overall layout or on-site management, it fully reflects the firm belief and unremitting efforts of the organizers to create an upgraded version of the exhibition, which mainly has the following characteristics:

first, the structure of the exhibits is more reasonable. At this exhibition, the share of new technologies and products has increased significantly. All the world's top industrial robot manufacturers participated in the exhibition, and 3D printing exhibits were displayed in a centralized manner, effectively improving the taste of the exhibition. The metal cutting machine tool and the forming machine tool together constitute the whole machine tool host. The display area of the forming machine tool is significantly larger than that of previous years, and the structure is more reasonable. In addition to physical exhibits, this exhibition also created the first technology exhibition platform, namely the window of colleges and universities. The cutting-edge and common technologies of five famous universities including Tsinghua University were displayed in the form of display boards and videos, creating opportunities for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

second, new breakthroughs have been made in professional layout. In order to better connect with the international exhibition standards and ensure the exhibition effect of the majority of exhibitors to the greatest extent, the exhibition organizers have optimized and adjusted the overall design planning to a greater extent, and the professional layout of most exhibits is simpler than that of Brinell method. In the field of forming machine tools and tool measuring instruments, the boundaries of domestic and overseas exhibition areas have been broken, and the layout has been unified according to the principle of specialization. For new technologies and products such as laser processing machine tools, industrial robots and 3D printing, special areas are set up for display, which greatly facilitates the visit of professional visitors

third, innovative activities create a personalized platform. The number of official activities and the degree of innovation of this exhibition are unprecedented. On the basis of previous traditional activities and exhibition projects, this exhibition has comprehensively upgraded some activities, and launched new related activities suitable for different people to participate in: the 2015 CEO International Forum of machine tool manufacturing industry is an interactive platform specially designed for CEOs in the global industry. CEOs of Shenyang machine tool, Ji'er, demajisen precision machine, Tiantian, Youjia and other top machine tool enterprises in the world delivered speeches or speeches, Mazak The CEOs of Siemens, RIFA, Jingdiao and other enterprises participated in the round table dialogue, with the enthusiastic participation of CEOs and senior managers in the field of machine tools and users; At the first international machine tool information conference (imtic2015), the presidents of machine tool associations in China, Germany, the United States, Japan and Taiwan, China issued authoritative information, providing a service platform for the global industry to exchange the latest industrial policies, industrial development and market information of machine tool manufacturing industry; It was also the first exhibition information conference of this exhibition, announcing the audience information of cimt2015 exhibition, the basic information of ccmt2016 and cimt2017, as well as the relevant information of the group participating in emo2015 exhibition

this exhibition also launched a new industrial robot high-level forum, and grandly released information on the forum, announcing the establishment of the industrial robot application branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association

the special achievements of cimt2015 CNC machine tools of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Symposium on the application of domestic CNC machine tools in 2015, the Symposium on overseas mergers and acquisitions and international operations, the joint meeting of heads of machine tool associations of various countries and regions, the 2014 top ten selection results of the machine tool industry, technical exchange lectures and other activities have been innovated and improved on the original basis, bringing new experiences to participants

fourth, the information platform improves exhibition services. In order to improve the overall service level of the exhibition and make it easier for exhibitors and visitors, through the hard work of the organizers, this exhibition has fully launched the information platform. Exhibitors fill in the items related to the exhibitor manual through the Internet platform; Visitors pre register through Internet, Internet, SMS and other ways to achieve efficient admission. According to statistics, during the exhibition period, China tried to calculate that the number of hits on the official website and platform of machine tool industry association and the official website of CIMT exhibition increased exponentially, and the number of fans increased exponentially. Clear the angle value

fifth, the grade of the exhibition is quietly upgraded. Careful exhibitors and visitors can easily find that great changes have taken place in the overall style of this exhibition. First of all, all outdoor advertisements have been cancelled, and only embedded advertisements for signs in some exhibition halls have been opened. The overall style is low-key and introverted, which is in line with the rigorous and pragmatic style of the industry. The opening ceremony of the exhibition also has many differences in form and content. The guests attending the opening ceremony are mainly exhibitors and representatives of machine tool associations in major countries and regions around the world, which desalinates the official color. The form is simple, the connotation is simple, and can better reflect professionalism

looking at the cimt2015 exhibition, the high-end and practical level of exhibits and the rich and complete variety and specifications have left a deep impression on professional visitors and buyers

first of all, intelligent machine tools are no longer mysterious

The wide application of intelligent products and technologies in the machine tool industry has set off a new wave in the field of modern machine tool manufacturing, and the intelligent level of machine tools is constantly improving. Intelligent machine tools show a comprehensive grasp of process knowledge and an accurate understanding of the work tasks to be completed. The transmission mechanism is composed of synchronous belts or reducers. It can recognize and grasp the working environment, perceive its own working state, and prompt and assist the operator. The three kinds of composite machining centers launched by Yamazaki Mazak company in Japan have some or all of Mazak's famous Seven intelligent functions. The fms5040 intelligent flexible manufacturing system with high intelligence and high-tech integration exhibited by Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. has intelligent 3D cloud scanning system, automatic modeling digital system, etc. All kinds of intelligent machine tools presented at this exhibition make the audience have a deeper understanding of the current situation and future development trend of intelligent technology

secondly, high-precision machine tools achieve micro machining

accuracy is what distinguishes machine tools from other machines. With the application of a variety of modern integrated technologies and the production and manufacturing management of excellence, the geometric accuracy, control accuracy and machining accuracy of machine tools continue to move towards new heights. Many ultra precision, high-precision and submicron precision exhibits were exhibited in this exhibition, including high-precision vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC grinders, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, high-precision electrical machining machines and many other categories. For example, Japan yasda company exhibited a ymc430 ultra precision micro machining center, which realized 0.1 feed, measured positioning accuracy of 0.0005mm, and repeated positioning accuracy of 0.0003mm (ISO). The machine tool is five axis linkage, and the spindle speed is 40000 R/min. it is suitable for ultra precision machining of ultra small and complex parts

Third, high-speed machine tools have gradually become the mainstream

high speed and ultra-high speed machining is an important means to improve machining efficiency, shorten machining time and reduce machining cost. With the popularization of a series of key technologies such as high-speed and ultra-high speed machining mechanism, high-power and high-speed spindle unit, high-performance control system and so on, the practical application of high-speed and ultra-high speed machining has achieved remarkable results. At this exhibition, a large number of high-speed machining machines performed speed and passion for the audience. The intergrex i-630v five axis machining center of Yamazaki Mazak company has both high-speed and heavy cutting capabilities. The GB series high-speed bridge gantry machining center of Shandong Yonghua company is an advanced equipment for high-precision machining of large-scale special material workpieces, which is suitable for the processing of large and medium-sized complex parts in aerospace, mold manufacturing, marine engine and other industries

fourth, compound machine tools meet personalized needs

multi variety, small batch production and large batch production are the two basic production modes of modern manufacturing industry. In line with this, turning milling compound machine tools have developed rapidly, and hobbing turning compound machine tools are no longer rare. This exhibition presents a large number of composite machine tools of different categories and combinations, and a large number of special processing machines suitable for different fields or a certain type of special workpiece, which shows that the machine tool manufacturing industry is making its best efforts to meet the personalized needs of the market to a greater extent. Japan Tiantian company exhibited lc2515c1aj + asrtk fiber laser punch laminating machine, which has the characteristics of intensive process, high efficiency, safety, stability, energy saving and automatic loading and unloading

fifth, environmental protection technology helps sustainable development

machine tool products should not only have high performance and efficiency, but also save resources, low energy consumption and low pollution. At the same time, the processing process should be man-machine friendly and pleasant. Therefore, the whole green process should be formed from the design of products, the selection, manufacture and use of materials to the scrapping and recycling of products. This exhibition exhibited a number of machine tool products that integrate environmental protection concepts and technologies, which not only represents the future development direction, but also reflects the manufacturer's strong sense of society

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