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OPTO22 products are applied in atplan company and Bayer company

Bayer company - vendor manageable storage directory system

OPTO22 company cooperates with atplan company to ensure the utilization rate of Bayer materials in the whole Europe


Bayer is an international chemical and health care organization based on scientific research, which is active in the fields of life sciences, polymers and agriculture. Although it is best known for its pain relief products, Bayer's chemicals also occupy a place in similar brands around the world

Bayer has five production bases in Germany, the largest of which is located in Leverkusen on the Rhine River between Cologne and Dusseldorf. With a total of nearly 600 buildings and a length of 3.5 kilometers, Leverkusen base is the largest and most diversified production center of organic and inorganic chemical products in the world. The base has more than 24000 workers, including research centers and technical service laboratories, as well as some production equipment, which are used to produce and store water, oxygen, other chemicals and gases needed to manufacture various pharmaceutical products


a few years ago, in order to create more value in the process of supplying raw materials from the production base in Leverkusen to other parts of Germany, Bayer was committed to establishing a manageable storage directory system for sellers. This system can help Bayer remotely manage the supply of chemical products to their customers

The VMI system includes a monitoring and management system based on the storage tank (peripheral station) at the customer's location, and a network-based directory management method established through each supply chain. The strategy of automatic ordering needs to input the corresponding data into SAP supply chain management system in advance. In addition, in order to facilitate the decision-making of enterprises, the data needs special user instructions, so that specific individuals can be selected for evaluation. This process must be rapid, traceless, scalable and transparent. Finally, we need to adopt future based technology and open interfaces, so that we can use the new system to meet the requirements of suppliers and customers in the shortest time. In the process of establishing, operating and managing the new system, all selected system integrators, suppliers and other external sellers can benefit from the open structure

liquid level monitoring and management

the primary work of this scheme is to measure the liquid level when each tank is full, obtain all relevant data and transmit it to the central station. This requires monitoring the liquid level in a large volume range and obtaining measured values from each peripheral station. The obtained data is transmitted to the central station at regular intervals, preferably using a modem. Since many Bayer customers operate production equipment 24 hours a day, it is crucial that chemicals can be used continuously

directory management

the second step of this directory management scheme requires Bayer's Sap supply chain management system to quickly update inventory changes. Bayer also needs to enable each of its customers to use the information related to the directory, and all data should be regularly and timely updated to butter the lead screws on both sides


bayer chose German atplan consulting company as its system designer and integrator. Atplan was founded in 1992 and has companies in Germany and the United States respectively. It has rich experience in designing, operating and maintaining PLC systems for some companies including Bayer with 3.175mm steel balls. It is with this established successful partnership and the fact that atplan is an accomplished e-commerce solution provider that atplan is the only company that can meet all of Bayer's special application requirements. In order to meet the requirements of the project with an open and flexible system, atplan quickly developed and applied its comprehensive orbit logistics VMI system

and targeted


atplan divides the whole project into multiple processes: data collection, data transmission, data preprocessing and storage, and data elaboration. Atplan believes that identifying and segmenting Bayer's needs in this way can reduce the dependence on special interfaces and technologies of different manufacturers and sellers. Atplam carefully designed the system structure and carefully selected the system components (and their dialog interfaces) so that each stage of this clearly outlined scheme can operate normally. In order to implement the functions of tank monitoring and corresponding data acquisition and data transmission, atplan selects the snap Ethernet i/o system of Opto 22. This snap system utilizes sensor and actuator technology to allocate a variety of industrial equipment, systems and other assets, including Bayer's remote storage tanks. The system then connects these devices to the enterprise's IT network through Ethernet and wireless local areas (in Bayer, through standard wireless modems and Internet). Due to the modular function of snap hardware and the ability to process the combination of sensors and actuators at the same time, it can provide a flexible interface for a large number of data collection. Therefore, atplan chose opto 22snap system to support Bayer equipment. Each system includes 4 modules and a processor that can process 16 sensors or actuators

The installation of snap system can help realize the remote monitoring of tanks, and the expected business data can also be collected and transmitted to various application fields of the enterprise, including Bayer's Sap supply chain management system

data acquisition

the monitoring and measurement of liquid level is mainly realized by radar, ultrasonic and differential pressure sensor connected with opto 22 snap analog input module. Through the snap system configuration, the original sensor data is displayed in gallons or liters

the system can also send snap based alarm signals through configuration to warn of power failure, low liquid level, abnormal ambient temperature, sensor failure and other accidents Bayer also uses a barcode reader connected to the opto 22 serial module to track the status of the tank. When the tank is full, the delivery personnel

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