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Opportunities for wide width digital inkjet printing

when some people engaged in printing increasingly feel that wide width inkjet printing is posing a threat to their business, just another part of them realize that inkjet printing is helping them expand their market and bring more profit space. As a part of traditional printing, printers are proud that they have continued and inherited the ancient printing civilization. However, they have encountered many embarrassments and challenges in the actual printing business

● how to deal with the short and medium version business cost effectively and profitably

● how to accept and deal with those businesses with diverse formats (some of which are not suitable for printing)

● how to effectively improve the competitiveness and profitability of Indian enterprises? ● how to make frequent proofing faster and more efficient

● how to deal with the printing business with tight delivery time and strong personalization

● how to deal with businesses that need time-consuming segmentation and splicing (such as window display, building surface coverage, etc.)

a large number of surveys and analysis show that printing is most suitable for the business of making more than 400 single sheet moving parts. However, in fact, the market demand for single sheet moving parts less than 200 is greater. There are more and more live parts with multiple varieties, small batches and on-demand printing, and the traditional printing has been greatly limited. Wide width inkjet printing provides a fast, efficient, high-quality and high profit solution for this market. As a new high-tech printing method, inkjet printing does not contain the familiar printing civilization, but it does provide a very effective method and way for the challenges faced by printing enterprises

supporting wide width inkjet printing equipment will accelerate printing enterprises to rapidly expand a broader and high value-added market field, such as medium and short version of back glue material printing; Poster printing of selling points with tight delivery time; Hard materials of medium and short editions and printing for some special applications, etc. Inkjet printing not only brings a favorable market for printing enterprises, with more than 20 companies with an annual production capacity of more than 100000 tons, but also enables this enterprise to provide their customers with "one-stop service", so as to attract more customers

as a supplement to plate printing, the advantages of wide width inkjet printing are obvious

inkjet printing is directly printed by digital documents (standard format) without plate making. A business can be printed within minutes of receiving an order. Sometimes improper operation will cause problems

the ink-jet printing process is convenient and efficient: documents are in a queue, the previous document is printing, and the next document is in a queue to be printed. If a printing machine is equipped with a drying system, the previous movable part is still dry, and the next movable part has started printing

saiangel inkjet printing machine is specially designed for the needs of industrial production and supplies ink on demand, thus ensuring the stability and sustainability of the whole printing process

printing enterprises need to comprehensively consider the time (and cost) of plate making and the number of printing, and then determine whether to use digital printing or traditional printing to save more costs by analyzing the type of business. The point where a business is more feasible than one or another operation procedure is called "intersection". For general business, at present, this intersection is about 400. However, due to the different nature of business and the different production plans of printers, this intersection will change. We should choose the printing method that can ensure the optimal profit space

inkjet printing saves space and manpower, and the printing process is easier to manage. Ink jet printing can print according to the exact quantity required by live parts, which can completely avoid the waste of printing materials in the process of traditional printing and color correction. By providing fast, high-quality and accurate proofs in the final materials, but now the digital display is basically eliminated, wide width inkjet printing can also provide proofing support for the printing process. In addition to providing customers with one-stop convenient services, printing companies with digital inkjet printing production capacity can also provide customers with other services with high profits and high added value. For today's market, it is very important to enter at a faster speed, and digital printing is the fastest printing method. In digital printing terms, "short runs" refers to a small number of short edition printing businesses, which are very suitable for special live parts that need to be changed; At the same time, it is also suitable for printing some special retail commodity advertisements and printed materials in different regions and languages, which are very economical and efficient

the integrated printing preview software makes it very easy to print large sheets from roll to roll. The high image quality of constant color also makes digital inkjet printing suitable for all picture printing with high quality requirements. Friendly interface and simple operation. Although the technology of inkjet printer itself is very complex, the operation is very simple. Most operations, from medium processing to drying, are fully automatic

at present, the most influential wide width inkjet printer in the world should be the turbojet wide width digital inkjet printer launched by Israel saiangel company last year. This is the fastest wide width digital inkjet printer on the market, with a printing speed of 400 m2/h and a maximum format of 163 cm × 366 cm, printing accuracy up to 448 DPI, printing 140 sheets 1.2 m × 1.8 m full-color poster takes only 1 h to print a 1.5 m × 1.5 m poster takes only 1 min. Saiangel's printing machine is specially designed for the needs of industrial production. It supplies ink on demand and adds ink without downtime, thus ensuring the stability and sustainability of the whole printing process. Saiangel's professional ICC Color management software ensures the accuracy of colors, and cooperates with saiangel's special ink to ensure that the output colors are more rich and lasting. In order to ensure the quality of the picture and greater compatibility, Symantec provides different types of inks for different devices and their applications: solvent based, water-based pigment based and UV curing inks

saiangel inkjet printer uses piezoelectric on-demand inkjet technology, with up to 512 nozzles on each nozzle, using constantly oscillating crystals to provide ink. The piezoelectric method is used to deform the crystal. During the operation, the ink is sucked into a small box, and then during the continuous operation, the ink is extruded through the deformation in the opposite direction. By controlling the oscillation frequency, it can oscillate up to tens of thousands of times per second. With the patented technology of saiangel, it can form a perfect ink drop shape

inkjet printing has its unique advantages, but it does not pose a direct threat to block printing. On the contrary, it forms complementary advantages with block printing. Plate printing enterprises can comprehensively consider the plate making time, cost and printing quantity, and choose the appropriate printing method (faster and lower cost printing method) in combination with the type of business. Generally speaking, plate printers should consider transferring those businesses that are miscellaneous in variety, small in batch, unable to be made by printing, or profitable or even unprofitable by printing to inkjet printing, so that the existing printing equipment can focus on making those live parts that are large in batch and require special spot color or effect. Of course, for some businesses, such as back polished double-sided live parts, inkjet printing can be combined with plate printing

inkjet printing technology has infinite potential and a very broad market prospect. According to a survey report of IT strategy, at present, printing occupies about 50% of the whole pop market, and digital inkjet printing and flexography roughly share the rest of the market. However, by 2008, the market demand for large format inkjet printing will double compared with 2003. In 2003, about 102 million m2 of materials were used for inkjet printing, and by 2008, this demand is expected to increase to 3.3 billion. The corresponding sales value of the market is expected to increase from $2.03 billion in 2003 to $5.13 billion in 2008

the development trend of the printing industry is: multi variety, small batch, on-demand printing, the service life of outdoor printing materials is getting shorter and shorter, more kinds of materials are required, and the requirements for quality are higher, etc. In addition, digital ink-jet printing is also widely used in various fields, providing personalized wallpaper and picture products of various materials, including cork, wood, glass, metal, corrugated, textiles and many other media that are only suitable for non-contact printing. These undoubtedly provide great opportunities for digital inkjet printing

in a word, compared with printing, digital inkjet printing is not a threat, but an opportunity. It brings more profit opportunities for traditional printing

information source: medium silk printing

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