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Oracle has completely changed the cloud infrastructure market

Oracle today launched the industry's most comprehensive infrastructure as a service (IAAs) products, including bare metal cloud servers, which are 11.5 times faster and 20% cheaper than the fastest solution of its competitors. These new members of Oracle cloud platform can provide customers with the best multi tenant and single tenant environments, including Oracle bare metal cloud services, Oracle Ravello cloud service, Oracle container cloud service. The existing Oracle cloud services have also been enhanced

the business benefits of public cloud are increasingly obvious, However, enterprises still face many performance, security and management problems, which means that they cannot simply abandon all existing it layouts and migrate all workloads to the multi tenant cloud. The latest enhancements to Oracle's IAAs portfolio can help enterprises solve this problem by allowing them to use the cloud while retaining many of the benefits of enterprise data centers

oraclebare metal rose 3.50%. Cloud service is a high-level public cloud product, including bare metal cloud server in a fully virtualized network environment. These innovative new services provide high-performance database as a service (DAAS), network block storage, object storage, and virtual private connections. In addition, oraclebar metal cloud service provides a secure, private, high-performance software defined virtual cloud network (VCN), which allows customers to use oraclebar metal cloud service as a secure elastic extension of the local deployment network. At the same time, oraclebar metal cloud service provides direct connection between computing and storage nodes, so as to maximize network throughput

the regional deployment of oraclebar metal cloud service is composed of three highly available domains that are completely free from failure interference, allowing customers to build highly available and durable applications in the cloud. Oraclebar metal cloud service can operate seamlessly with existing Oracle cloud platform products to assist customers in developing mission critical applications that utilize Oracle cloud services

oraclebar metal cloud service is based on the most modern data center, network and server infrastructure, and adopts completely different cloud platform development methods to provide customers with choice and flexibility for their cloud journey, including ultra-high-density computing servers that provide the best enterprise workload performance in the industry, and storage servers with the highest IOPs (input/output operations per second) and the largest bandwidth in public cloud products. Therefore, Oracle customers can achieve 10 times faster throughput and IOPs than their competitors' cloud at a lower price. In addition to high performance, Oracle can reduce potential nodes in the cloud and provide the best security because software is not running in the computing host

Oracle also announced the launch of Oracle Ravello cloud service and Oracle container cloud service, and made major enhancements to the existing IAAs products, thereby further expanding the o-trace cloud platform

oracle Ravello cloud service takes the lead in allowing enterprises to run enterprise VMware and KVM (kernel based virtual machine) workloads in the public cloud without any modification. Through Oracle Ravello cloud service, customers can run VMware in the public cloud without virtual machine conversion and application reconfiguration, and without modifying the connection mode. It is also the only service in the industry that allows enterprises to have all L2 and L3 connectivity flexibility in the public cloud

oracle container cloud service provides enterprises with a docker compatible way to deploy the application stack with one click. Registry integration capabilities, enterprise application orchestration, application scheduling and service expansion capabilities make Oracle container cloud services the first choice for cloud developers

Oracle has also released Oracle fastconnect Standard Edition and partner edition to help customers reliably and securely connect their data centers to the cloud. After the introduction of Oracle fastconnect, Oracle can provide the industry's most comprehensive connection and peering options, including IPSec VPN that can be easily set up, MPLS (multi protocol label switching) that can connect to existing enterprise networks, and fastconnect for fast direct transmission

in addition to supporting Oracle's existing platform as a service (PAAS) products, Oracle cloud platform products now also support Oracle MySQL cloud service (Oracle MySQL cloud service), Oracle big data cloud service (Oracle big data cloud service) and Oracle event hub cloud service (Oracle event hub cloud service)

Thomas Kurian, President of product development at Oracle, said: as more and more enterprises begin to use the cloud, they all want to use a simple and seamless way to migrate complex large-scale IT infrastructure to the cloud, while using the security and management control methods familiar to their IT teams. The newest member of Oracle cloud platform family allows enterprises to seamlessly connect existing resources to Oracle cloud through virtual cloud network, and choose a variety of different computing services, including bare metal, virtual machine and integrated system, as if they were part of their own data center

Ben lackey, chief partner of datastex, said: we were deeply impressed by the convenience of oraclebare metal cloud service. The datastax enterprise cluster we deployed runs very fast with sub microsecond delay, which is critical to our business. In addition, multiple high availability domains provided by region can help us migrate critical and high availability workloads to oraclebar metal cloud

Patrick Sullivan, executive partner of Accenture and head of Oracle global technology, said: we are very satisfied that oraclebare metal cloud's tensile failure in architecture, performance and scalability has become an important representation worthy of discussion. They have effectively helped our customers improve their ability to quickly start the cloud journey

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