The hottest optical detection system supports lase

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Optical detection system supports laser technology

ptroy (Michigan, USA) – Altair has acquired compo neering Inc., located in Helsinki, Finland, which specializes in structural analysis and design of composite materials. The new Optyx G6 3000 series sorter detection equipment launched by key technology, Inc., a member of MMI, applies Raptor laser technology. This device can greatly improve the efficiency when detecting defective packages or small foreign matters. Optyx G6 3000 series sorter can automatically analyze or classify products according to size, shape and color. It uses carbon dioxide and propylene oxide as raw materials to avoid manual classification that is the fatigue life of springs. At the same time, the equipment can be immediately positioned upstream of the final packaging. Its compact modular structure is suitable for the production line, and can detect up to 6 tons of products per hour

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