Measurement and confirmation of fluids in the hott

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Measurement and confirmation of fluids in pharmaceutical factories

accurate and stable measurement of fluids is very important, especially in pharmaceutical factories. This article introduces the advantages of the mobile calibration vehicle equipped with Coriolis mass flowmeter

modern pharmaceutical factories must rely on accurate and stable measurement of flow to ensure that the overall quality meets the standard. In fact, the adjusted standard requires that the accuracy of these transmission systems be fully established before the factory is licensed. After the factory starts, there is also a need for conventional processes to ensure the normal operation of the flow detection system. Micro motion Coriolis mass flow detection system from Emerson Process Management Company has been widely used in modern pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields, especially in the field of experimental production. Micro motion mass flowmeter has high accuracy and stability, and is little affected by fluid composition, temperature and viscosity. The latest micro motion devices have polished stainless steel housings, electronic platforms installed in accordance with health industry standards, and connecting devices installed in accordance with health industry standards (Figures 1 and 2). The installation process is very simple. Only simple equipment such as liquid containers and long straight pipes are needed, which can be easily integrated with other equipment in the factory. This is very attractive for designers of pharmaceutical factories to adjust the coordination gap, because they always hope that the standard module can play the greatest role

figure 1: micro motion Coriolis mass flowmeters from Emerson Process Management

the necessity of calibration

quality control procedures and systems must be guaranteed, and the production control system maintains product quality according to the test results. Therefore, a process is needed to detect the accuracy of the flow system and verify the scale

emerson process management company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of mass flow meters, with four sets of production calibration equipment for micro motion series products. The deformation of the material completely disappears

Emerson measurement technology and testing laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, USA adopts global basic flow standards and basic flow testing equipment. The equipment has reached the 2003 ISO 17025 standard at the flow rate of 0.2 ~ 3200kg/min, and the calibration and detection capacity is 0.014% (mass percentage)

global basic flow standards are used to calibrate equipment in four factories that produce calibration equipment. The transfer standard measurement (TSM) method provides an error of 0.03% (mass percentage)

industrial users can send their micro motion flowmeter back to one of the four centers for calibration inspection. At the same time, the measurement technology and testing laboratory in Boulder also provides the calibration standard of Coriolis flowmeter. These flow meters are calibrated according to ISO 17025 standard, and the error is within 0.03%. Several testing centers in the world have installed this flowmeter as the flow standard

calibration trend

the best way to calibrate the flowmeter in the production plant is to calibrate it in situ. This ensures the overall consistency of equipment installation, avoids possible losses during transportation, and saves several cleaning processes

for many years, companies engaged in calibration services have provided mobile "calibration container" systems for in situ calibration. Nevertheless, the application of mobile reference flowmeter is becoming more and more common. The reference flowmeter adopts a movable device fixed around the flowmeter. This structure has been applied to high-precision basic fluid equipment. In Scotland a few years ago, this technology has made progress, mainly in the whisky distillation industry. J. E. Cockayne of Glasgow developed a portable calibration device. Since the British government began to impose a consumption tax on distilled whisky, the measurement standard has been set very high. The required volume measurement is usually completed by Coriolis mass flowmeter, which is calibrated by portable calibration equipment. Because Emerson has a lot of experience in the whisky industry, the company also began to provide pharmaceutical companies with portable flow calibration devices to meet the needs of customers. These calibration vehicles with rollers (Figure 3) are used in the QA Department of pharmaceutical companies; There is a set of internal standards to maintain the confidentiality of business and improve the reliability of cleaning and service in the device with the emergence of these new commercial packaging materials and utilization. Like any calibration system, these calibration vehicles need to be recalibrated according to the main flow device in the specified gap

standard calibration car

initially, the demand for equipment with rollers led Emerson to develop a standardized traceable vulnerable part 4: accessory calibration car, which is used for micro motion products in the United States

a typical customer is a pharmaceutical factory in Chicago, which uses three sets of separation systems to certify liquid delivery equipment. The weight scales used in production operations are calibrated by NIST traceable weight testing equipment. The precision turbine detection equipment is the main detection system of the flow equipment of the production line with the size of 50mm or less. The external measurement service adopts the measurement volume calibration device equipped with the truck, so that the size of the calibrator can reach 150mm. Internal processes are very labor-intensive and time-consuming, while external services are very expensive. At the same time, the turbine detection system needs to accurately classify the detection fluid and frequent re calibration. When the turbine is calibrated to ± 0.25%, it can only be applied to the standard with an accuracy of ± 1%, which hinders the company's ability to meet FDA standards

at present, the company has eliminated this set of equipment with poor performance and replaced it with micro motion Coriolis flowmeter with calibration transport vehicle, covering the process production line from 12 to 150mm. Factory scales and flow meters can now be calibrated using simplified standard procedures without considering size issues. The accuracy of micro motion detection equipment reaches ± 0.1%, so the accuracy of flowmeter and scale can reach ± 0.4%, reaching FDA standards

engineers soon found that they can use this device to detect the temperature and flow rate in the CIP system, because micor motion transmission equipment can measure the temperature, density and flow rate, and can also check the performance of the pump. Since the detection equipment is not sensitive to the composition of the fluid in production, there is no special liquid preference

the author is the pharmaceutical and applied biology industry manager (end) of Emerson Process Management micro motion technology in Boulder, Colorado, USA

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